Reels get press kits on Instagram and Facebook

Meta, the company responsible for the social network, has announced a number of new creative tools for reel from facebook also from Instagram. Novelty focuses on bringing more options for creating, editing and publishing well-known short videos, focusing on further increasing the engagement of these posts.

News of Reels coming to Facebook and Instagram (Credit: Playback/Instagram)

For now, the company is focusing on this format from TikTok as these videos have reached a large percentage. Unlike the Chinese app, however, Instagram and Facebook are looking to improve to provide their own resources to facilitate the expansion of video production and even increase the visibility of those who don’t use this option.

Important news

Instagram has now increased the maximum video duration to 90 seconds. This is a change expected and expected by many and now allows for the creation of more complete content.Plus, you can import your own audio directly reela third-party program is no longer required.

Another big change is the move of exclusive stickers from stories to reel. Well, the previous video format reel All options like polls, quizzes, and emoji sliders aren’t available. So with these new features, the short video format is more complete and closer to what we see in the story.

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Finally, Instagram will also start reel, and then there is a set of pre-built effects, music and functions to facilitate the production of these short videos. So the user will be able to choose not to start from scratch, have the basic structure of a clip with audio sequences and things that are already there, and then craft his video. However, this option is only available if authorized by the original creator of the content.

New Reels tool for Instagram and Facebook

Among all the changes Facebook and Instagram have brought to Reels, we have:

  • Up to 90 seconds of scrolling;
  • stickers in reel stories;
  • audio import;
  • prefabricated models;
  • Create and arrange Reels on the desktop;
  • Edit long videos and live videos;
  • voice overlay (video narration);
  • Sound synchronization (adjusts the video to the beat of the music);
  • Text-to-speech (robot narration).

Another point worth mentioning is that the network will start showing suggested reel. This feature is already native to Instagram and it will now work for facebook watch. In this way, the feature will display Reels content that may be of interest to each user, taking into account their tastes in the feed, groups and video tabs.

All of these tools and news will be available to users of both social networks, either through the web or through the Android and iOS apps.A simple tip is to update your Facebook and Instagram apps so you can try everything smoothly and improve your videos reel.

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