Roger Schmidt asked Weigel to reformat him

If he stays at Luz, the midfielder will be positioned further forward as a move is not ruled out at this stage, as former coach assistant Ochogo Motta has revealed. The German coach intends to give No. 28 new skills to adapt him to the strategies of the Eagles’ game system. The idea is to give you “more vertigo and risk”

Julian Weigl may have to “re-adjust” his game and even his position on the pitch to fully fit Roger Schmidt’s ambitions for a defensive midfield role. Even if no talks over the No. 28 incarnation could be ruled out, Weigl could be reunited with a new coach as long as it guarantees that Benfica can match the €20m paid to Dortmund for the 2019/20 season.

The traits on display at Benfica suggest he is a more defensive midfielder than Schmidt wants to see in his base 11: the German coach wants the player in that position in front of the centre-back to also be in the team’s play a more important role in construction. In the game, it is mainly on the task of passing the ball and burning the line in the attacking midfield. Now, judging by his past performances at Borussia Dortmund, Weigl can do the same at Luz, but for that, if Benfica hadn’t been offered an irresistible offer. Schmidt has done a job successfully in the past, as his assistant in China, Rui Mota, told O JOGO.

“In Beijing Guoan, we have a player similar to him, Park Sung, who defends better, and his ball-handling is not very good. Roger turned him into an 8. He is stronger defensively and more difficult to build. Big, he needs more power at the athletic level and in the air. In this case, the idea is to have him [a Weigl] Go a step further in building and connecting with your team. This creates more vertigo and a greater risk for him, as Weigl tends to bet on shorter, more lateral passes,” Remota noted, stressing that “this shift could allow Weigl became stronger in the first phase of construction, with a higher quality in the backfield. go away”.

In his analysis, Roger Schmidt’s former assistant explained: “Weigl was a player with a simple process, but his transition involved having more ball possession in attack”. “The idea is for him to do more long balls and passes between the lines, and going forward is the most difficult part for Weigl,” he explained. To be sure, the Germany international “is a No. 6 and can even play as a centre-back, but he needs to have more of the characteristics of a No. 8 to meet Roger Schmidt’s requirements”. Regarding his role in the new coaching program, Ray Motta believes Weigel can “play a double role”.

“It will always depend on the complementarity of the characteristics of the players around him, which is fundamental. Schmidt is already analysing his midfield and Weigl can bet on that adaptation, whether with a teammate or two, In midfield with three”, analyzes Remota.

Implementation ranges from conversations to exercises

Ray Motta details Roger Schmidt’s passing in the player transformation program to O JOGO. “If the coach understands that the player has the potential to make this adaptation/transformation, it is also important that everything starts with a dialogue with the player to see if he is willing to go through the process,” he stressed, adding: “Then you can Embody your ideas with examples of players who have fulfilled the coach’s requirements. In addition, there will be specific exercises and the possibility to watch videos for a better perception.”


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