Ronaldinho Gaucho launches NFT series after market crash

Ronaldinho Gaúcho has released a new collection of NFTs, a market that has experienced a downturn along with other cryptocurrencies. Even so, “The Witch” continued to roll out novelties.

In recent years, the former five-time champion has come very close to the cryptocurrency market, albeit controversially. One of them was involvement in the launch of “18K Ronaldinho,” a possible financial pyramid that eventually led to the former player becoming a defendant in a class-action lawsuit brought by investors.

After that, he was involved in an advertisement for a company that was the target of a GAECO operation in Santa Catarina for potentially defrauding investors with promises of fixed profits.

Ronaldinho’s latest controversy in space is promoting a cryptocurrency that has plummeted 40 percent in 30 days and is owned by former video game company Atari.

Ronaldinho Gaucho launches NFT series despite market downturn

After several controversies, Ronaldinho Gaúcho now appears to have only promoted a simple NFT collection to his 20 million followers on Twitter. The collectible in question is Trolltown, now available on OpenSea, with 10,000 digital items created on the Ethereum network.

The lowest price this Thursday (16) was 0.16 ETH and when the currency was quoted at 5,535.00 BRL, the price was 885.00 BRL. The series says it will create a metaverse in the future of trolls, and Ronaldinho isn’t helping to spread beyond.

“I’m so excited to announce that I’m officially joining Trolltown as a troll! I’m really, really looking forward to what’s coming next. Anyone who buys my legendary NFT within the next 24 hours will receive forever All sales royalties!”

To celebrate the arrival of the player, he released a Troll NFT of Ronaldinho himself, which has been shown to the public in recent days. On the artistic side, they paid tribute to the player’s campaign in 2005, when he was named the world’s best player by FIFA for the second time.

Ronaldinho Gaucho’s troll NFT. reproduction.

Could the Neymar case serve as an example of risk to investors?

The NFT market has collapsed, especially in 2021, following a fierce campaign of unique digital pseudo-art buyers.

Several well-known brands have launched their own digital products, and the movement has made more people aware of cryptocurrencies, especially NFT Games, a niche in this market. However, as bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies fell, the prices of these items fell sharply, causing many to sell their positions even at a loss.

One of the players who bought NFTs is Neymar, who has already bought several items in his public wallet. However, the player, who has accumulated losses of millions of reais after the acquisition, does not appear to have given up on the industry as he bought another collectible last Wednesday (15).

This shows that even with High risk of NFTs and market crashescelebrities continue to participate in the collection, even if some are new and unknown.

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