Ronaldo leads Portugal to lead group in Nations League – Soccer

King’s return. How Ronaldo returned to the starting eleven in the trials. His mother, Dolores, on the bench, did it again, all smiles and even tears of pride, just as excited as we were in 2004 when her son played in a corner jersey when he was 19. Scored the first goal. Now, at age 37, the number 7 has reached 117. Now……

It’s only fair to use Prince William’s name since we started talking about the royals, who opened the party this Sunday after a VAR game against the Swiss was ruled out for touching with a hand. It was from Ronaldo’s feet (15′) that the opposing goalkeeper’s free-kick appeared and the striker was finally defended. Willian took advantage of the tank to take a 1-0 lead at Alvalade.

The Swiss even seem to be fighting, but it’s a song that ends in about half an hour, giving way to a real Portuguese party. In the 35th minute, the movements of Bruno Fernandes and Diogo Jota put Ronaldo in front of goal – the star’s first shot was perfect. It was the second and in four minutes it will be the third, a wonderful moment for Santos. Bruno has a tunnel, Jota’s first shot, CR7 is in the right spot again. Or rather, CR117.
I would say Ronaldo will not forgive. But forgive. We still have a lot of games to play and the captain has three or four golden chances, not counting his chances to score, which is immediately ruled out for offside.

Fernando Santos moved again and did not lose quality if he had already changed six players for this Sunday’s game in Spain. Horta and Bernardo Silva came on and the Manchester City southpaw asked his team-mate Cancelo to end the celebrations for King Cristiano 4-0. Christian CXVII. Currently. We’ll see if he scores again on Thursday, against the Rep. Czech.

positive and negative

Christian CXVII
Then go to 117. Or CXVII, Roman numerals, what the king deserves. Cristiano Ronaldo once again showed that he exists to score goals. Only this Sunday will there be two or three more. There’s always the next game: it’s already Thursday, Rep. Czech.

Swiss love cheese
There are pits everywhere. Switzerland even took the lead in a goal disallowed by VAR, but by chance, no more figures were reached. It is worth mentioning that the same is true for Portugal.

Referee: Assisted by VAR
With the help of a video referee, he disallowed Switzerland’s goal early in the game, his arm touching Patricio’s goal, which was decisive for his goal. It was also VAR that overturned the penalty decision – the foul on Nuno Mendes was in the box.

Dismantling Ronaldo’s deal with Switzerland

Patricio – Get back to the goal with very little work.
Cancel – Perfect assist missed by CR7. In the second half, with a wave of sprints, the audience advanced to the final 4-0.
Pepe – There wasn’t much defensive work and he found himself heading up the ball in attack.
Danilo – He went on to win the core routine and he was doing great again.
Nuno Mendes – Displayed after intermittent start.
Ruben Neves – It had some difficulties in the beginning. But when he hits the mark, it matters.
William Carvalho – Turn on markers, but there are other very important operations. One of the best.
octave – Win the foul leading to 1-0. Then it was another action, but it took a while.
Bruno Fernandez – Decisive in 2-0 and 3-0. Excitement, this time, played a major role in Portugal’s attacking game.
Diogo Jota – He was wasteful, but as an assistant he was perfect.
Ronaldo – Say what, Captain? He scored his first goal, scored twice and had several chances to make his night even more memorable. He has scored 117 goals for the national team. tricky.
Bernardo Silva – Reluctant to play, he made a wonderful assist for 4-0.
Ricardo Horta – Rarely in games and small balls.
Rafael Leon – He entered with speed and willpower.
straw – Lots of muscles.
M. Nunes – No time to.

Dolores thrilled with her son’s goal
Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother was emotional during the match, causing some concerns, just as she suffered a stroke two years ago. Before this Sunday, Dolores Aveiro had collapsed twice while watching his son at the stadium. To that end, CR7 forbade the mother from watching the decisive game. “She can’t watch my big game, she’ll be nervous,” CR7 told the Daily Mail at the time.


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