September’s PS Plus could be an Xbox success

event game state recent sony The way publishers choose to begin and end litigation may go down in history.Thanks for the official revelations Resident Evil 4 Remake and a new trailer final fantasy 16to be fair, Sony’s demo defied expectations set recently.

Although these big names have received a lot of attention since then, contestants like Tunic Should not be swept under the rug.Impress the players Plaka and Xbox Earlier this year, Sony’s State of Play event gave us a glimpse into the future of Tunic.It has now been revealed that the feeling of independence will come PS4 and PS5 September 27.


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When Tunic was released as a day one title Xbox Game Pass Give Microsoft In March, it caught the attention of the platform’s user base for several compelling reasons.As an action-adventure genre, it’s worth remembering that Tunic is the work of an indie developer Andreas. with the help of an editor FingeShouldice has been working hard to bring his passion project to life since 2015.

Taking a quick look, it’s clear that a number of high-profile franchises have helped shape this process.In addition to paying homage to the series soul In game design, the player’s journey through Tunic has a lot in common with earlier games in structure. The Legend of Zelda Give Nintendo.

As they unlock new areas of the map with the protagonist (the titular fox), gamers game station It will be an experience unlike any other currently found in the Sony ecosystem.

game success

Despite sharing DNA with two of the most popular gaming franchises, it would be a huge disservice to describe Tunic as a clone of Souls or a Zelda game. In addition to offering a beautiful universe filled with engaging dungeons, Tunic combines elements of both for an undisputed uniqueness. Beneath its captivating isometric world lies a game that’s as brutal and rewarding as recent games. from software.

As PlayStation players roam Tunic’s world to uncover its secrets, they often encounter challenging enemies that require serious strategy to overcome. While there are plenty of exciting boss fights to take part in, it’s worth remembering that common enemies can also easily defeat the little fox.

Inspired by similar souls, enemy repair temples can also be discovered, saving the protagonist’s progress while healing them. Tunic is very practical in terms of difficulty, in fact it goes a step further than other recent Soulslike games.

For example, players sometimes need to refer to a Zelda-inspired game manual for help. However, every line of dialogue and writing in Tunic is brought to life in a whole new language. In addition to adding fascinating intrigue to the game’s world, design elements like this further underscore the passion for creating Tunic.

PS Plus September 2022

With all of these factors in mind, it’s easy to see why Tunic has already received so many positive reviews in 2022.Although it remains to be seen whether a sense of independence will join in wandering Posted as day one PS plussimilar to its Game Pass debut, PlayStation owners should be ready to jump into the experience.

As September 27 approaches, PlayStation owners finally have access to what may be one of the most outstanding experiences of the year. Who knew, with the arrival of the new PS Plus, Sony also decided to give away this powerful game to subscribers? It has everything happening, now all that’s left to do is wait.

Tunic can be used for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S and will be released to PS4 and PS5 September 27.

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