Seth Green intended to use NFTs in TV series, but it was stolen before filming started

As ridiculous as this may seem, you didn’t read the title of the article wrong. Much has been said about NFTs, a non-fungible virtual currency, in recent months, but while many are enthusiastic about the idea and see it as a great opportunity to generate profits, there are also skeptics who see them as Just “take other people’s easy money”.

Seth Green is an actor and comedian, known for movies like Scooby-Doo, Austin Powers, etc. He is one of the NFT lovers and even plans to use some of his characters in the TV series, but unfortunately Yes, one of these images was stolen in a phishing attack, preventing him from using it in production.

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Among the many collections of NFTs currently available, one of the most famous is Bored Ape (The Bored Monkey), and even Neymar Jr. has captured one of the images.

The success of the series led Seth Green to decide to use an image from the series to make a TV series, but unfortunately, the actor’s plans went awry.

On May 8, Green revealed that a hacker had stolen some of his NFTs through a phishing attack. On Twitter, the actor said hackers stole a bored ape, two mutant apes and a doodle. The items were taken from Green’s wallet after he accidentally interacted with a suspicious website.

As noted by Buzzfeed, this could pose major problems for the actor, who has been working on a live-action TV series based on some of his NFTs since July 2021. The series will star Bored Ape #8398, in which Green refers to Fred as the bartender.

According to an intellectual property expert, the current owner of the monkey known as Fred could cause a lot of problems for the actor because he has commercial rights to use the art associated with the NFT. Some of this is speculation because NFTs are still relatively new and courts, like many others, are still trying to understand what they are and how they work. But the truth is that many NFT projects are giving their owners the right to commercially adapt and profit from the art they already own. The Bored Ape Yatch Club, from which Seth Green acquired Fred, is one of the largest large-scale NFT projects, granting such usage rights to buyers.

So if Green wants to continue his TC series, he will need to regain control of his stolen NFTs, especially his main star Fred. The actor has been trying to make it happen for the past week, but to no avail so far.

Do you think there is hope for the future of NFTs?

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