“So different in terms of mentality”

For the first time, the midfielder has not made the title a habit and the challenge is full of his ability. In an interview with the Canadian Football League platform, the 25-year-old Porto player explained that he has grown a lot in a competitive environment and “there is no room for error”.

Playing as much as possible can guide any player’s thinking, but Stephen Eustacquiao prioritizes the challenge. Once a standout for the Canadian national team and all the teams he played for, the midfielder faced a frustrating situation with little use in his first six months at FC Porto.

“It’s so different mentally. I say to my family and friends: everyone is focused. It’s a bit like the national team, there’s no room for mistakes. There are more staff, directors, more money and conditions. That makes It was a great opportunity and I feel like I’m growing every day,” the 25-year-old stressed in an interview with the Canadian Football League Channel.

Even before Dragon exercised his purchase option, the conversation was recorded to demonstrate belief in the potential.

“It’s not a lot of minutes, but I don’t mind being the first Canadian to play at a high level and win a trophy because if I do, I’ll pave the way for others. It’s never easy, but I’m more Willing to work hard. Try to play more at Porto, not go back to the mid/low level and play all the time. I can grow to a certain level, but here I can grow more,” added Eustacchio.

Six of his 11 games under Sergio Conceição have been under five minutes. “The first few weeks were spent trying to understand how things were going. What the players, coaches and personalities were like. Research a little bit. From that moment on, I just wanted to help, whether it was a minute, two minutes or zero minutes”, he explained. Stephen, takes training seriously: “It has to be really good because so are my teammates. And the better I do, the more prepared they are for the game. At this stage, I’m the one who pushes them, and others will try to get me later. of.”

All in all, with the midfield double winning, Eustacchio says he has “lived a dream” at “Portugal’s best club”.

Play raises doubts

Is Eustáquio closer to a defensive midfielder or a playmaker? Sometimes, he doesn’t even know it. “When I was in the formation, no coach knew where I was because I had the intensity and short touch of an 8 and I wasn’t afraid to grab the ball like a 6. In the final third, I knew how to play like a 10. I can pass the ball just as well as a No. 1 player. Sometimes I wonder if I want to grow up in one of those positions at 6 or 8, or if I can have both – I prefer both.” The Portuguese-Canadian explained that being sure it helped the coach’s approach.

Crazy days in January have Porto’s understanding

January was “crazy” for Stephen Eustacio, between a move to Porto, a positive covid-19 test and a trip to the national team. “It’s difficult to not train and say ‘goodbye, I have to play in El Salvador’. But Porto understands”, recalls the midfielder, who came to Dragao after his “toughest opponent” left, Corona : “This is crazy, the best.”

Even with sacrifice, legs are for running

Born in Ontario, Eustáquio is excited about racing in Canada. “I’m 25 and have legs to run. If not now, when?” Stephen said, without downplaying the inherent sacrifice: “I’m going to San Francisco at 12:30 and then at 2:30. Vancouver. Imagine as the season goes on. Sometimes they don’t watch it and just ask you to play better.


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