South Summit.Ten Portuguese startups take part in the biggest innovation conference in Madrid

Ten years after its first conference, the South Summit continues to go from strength to strength each year, with the startup, corporate and investor community continuing to showcase the benefits of new technologies in an increasingly entrepreneurial world. “This is a grand event of opportunity. Here, start-ups have more access to international investors. Over the past decade, the Southern Summit has become a “unicorn” in terms of impact,” explains Juan José Güemes, president of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center IE University and one of the organizers of the event in the Spanish capital from 8 to 10 June.

“From the start, South Summit has been amazing. Looking back, what Maria Benjumea achieved [fundadora e presidente da Spain Startup] Contributed to transforming Spain’s economy and creating a real entrepreneurial revolution in the country”, he stressed.
Portuguese startups have made history in Madrid’s “La Nave” with ten innovative companies representing the country’s talent and entrepreneurship. Among them, AgriMarketplace takes the form of a trading platform for agricultural products, connecting farmers and industries and facilitating transactions between them.

CBR Genomics has proven to be a startup that brings the latest scientific advances to the clinic by studying genetic information, and has the potential to revolutionize the future of medicine, making it more preventative and accessible.
Mário Grãos, COO of CBR Genomics, explained that it is a “company that provides gene sequencing services in a clinical setting” with the goal of “creating synergies between doctors and people so that they can take care of their health. A preventive and personalized approach”.

“The idea is to sequence the entire exome, the 20,000 genes that make up human genetic information, and then store this data so we can access it for a lifetime,” he stressed.

Emotai also puts health and well-being first with bands that record the brainwaves and heart rate of professional esports athletes, helping them be more productive through workouts that reduce anxiety and burnout.

“We are a team from the Institute of Biophysics and Biomedical Engineering, and we have developed a platform and a band that measures brain waves and heart rate. From this, in the world of eSports, we can understand how players feel during a match Provide information to coaches who help them improve. Now, in motorsport, we also offer the same service, always with greater productivity and well-being in mind.


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