Sport’s advice to league AGs: From end of holiday suspension to access to referee recordings – Sporting

Sporting presented a series of proposals to the league assembly on Tuesday that, from the Lions’ point of view, aim to contribute to the improvement of Portuguese football. The problem is the introduction of surgical change, but with a strong impact on the different regulations in force, from competition to discipline, including arbitration.

Pause when appropriate

You know, one of the themes as part of the sports package Record, related to the fulfillment of the penalty. The Alvalade club wants to end once and for all the suspension carried out over the holiday period, which has happened repeatedly over the past few years.

In that sense, Lions officials in Porto proposed today that the suspension must be enforced between the first and last official game dates of each season. In other words, they wanted me to stop counting the gap between the last official game of one season and the first game of the next, the holiday, to comply with the sanctions for a period of time. Above all, the goal is to give credibility to the discipline.

For example, a 30-day suspension that begins 15 days before the official end of the season can only be enforced 15 days after the new season begins. If the proposal is approved, it still needs to be approved by the FPF, as this is the focus of disciplinary oversight.

audio as proof

Another proposal, part of Sporting’s presentation at the AG da Liga, and which has become a club business over the past few months, has to do with communication with the refereeing team. Lions have been a staunch advocate for access to audio, especially in appeals of punishment to the Disciplinary Committee. Now they want to discuss this at the league assembly because they know that, where it is approved, it must also be approved by the league because it involves arbitration rules.

Specifically, it was found Record, the Lions intend to record communications from the referee team, including video referees, as evidence in disciplinary proceedings. The article that Sporting will submit to the League AG for consideration and voting also stipulates that each club can request access to the above-mentioned correspondence in the matches it plays; Rather than in third-party games, require recordings of conversations between referees. For better understanding, Sport does not ask referees to communicate in games that Benfica or Porto are not involved in.

The Greens and Whites also understand that the purpose of the recording may be to assess elements of the referee team, as well as to train referee agents.

Exchange at the bank

The third idea the sport would like to see the league discuss on Tuesday depends only on club approval (not in the FPF) as it falls within the framework of the rules of the game.

Lions believe it is important to take steps to minimise the pressure on the referee by the home team, and for this it will change the position of the bench after the Attorney-General proposes: the visiting team will then occupy the No. 1 assistant referee on the bench.


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