Starting Young And Breaking The Glass Ceiling: How Vinson Keefe Refused To Stick To the Norm

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For many, childhood is home to the greatest memories which mould the existence of our being. These budding years play a pivotal role in building our psyche. But, what if you were told you were not enough yet somehow you made it. This is the story of a serial entrepreneur who broke bounds and created a mark for himself in the arena of business.

In the cut throat world of business, many people told Vinson Keefe that he would not make it. Amplifying his problems were his hearing impairment which put him at a perpetual disadvantage but the Singapore based entrepreneur emerged stronger with every taunt, proving his detractors wrong at every step.

Grit to Success

The entrepreneur has emerged within the crypto arena, seeding and supporting new projects to help people transit from web2 to web3, likewise establishing himself within the highly competitive Singapore real-estate industry. Despite the challenges he faced, Vinson tells this publication that he remains resilient , refusing to give up to whatever life throws at him.

It was this grit that helped him stand out in a crowd of young entrepreneurs within Southeast Asia. The bug of entrepreneurship first bit him when he unveiled his first project back in 2019 where he first master franchised the popular bubble tea shop, The Alley, at Jewel Changi Airport. The outlet was lavished and captured the hearts of many local Singaporeans which later led to its rapid expansion into multiple outlets. The chain was subsequently bought out for a sweet seven figures, reinforcing his belief in creating a cutting-edge brand.

Diversification & Branding

Vinson did not stop there. He diversified his portfolio by venturing into the real-estate business by Leading Peak Tower Corporation as its CEO, Vinson acquired the Selegie Centre in the prime District 7 for $120 Million. He then revamped the building into a plush commercial space, signing a 25-year contract with the Marriott hotel group to operate a 132-room hotel at the site. The deal was reportedly pegged at more than $200 Million.

In addition to his portfolio, Vinson launched a Virtual Reality gaming company called New World Carnival to which big brands such as Huobi and MicroStrategy have engaged his services. Vinson believes that working with major brands helps bring about credibility and strength for his company.

The Crypto Journey

At the age of just 23, Vinson Keefe began his crypto journey when not many comprehend. This vision has proved to be a big enabler for him, helping him amass a huge personal portfolio upwards of over eight figures.

As the COVID pandemic unraveled, Vinson looked to newer technologies to add more depth to his business. He established the New World NFT Gallery to promote NFTs and hosted marquee and prestigious events for different NFT communities such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club in Singapore.

Spanning over 7,000 sq ft, the New World NFT Gallery is located in Orchard, right at the heart of Singapore. The gallery provides a space where artists can showcase their NFTs and sell it at the same time. Vinson formulated the idea with a specific focus to boost NFT adoption in the country and to provide a space for NFT and crypto enthusiasts to appreciate and purchase these new-age art forms.

The project turned out to be a success turning the gallery into one of the most sought after NFT galleries across Singapore.

The Metaverse

As if this was not enough, Vinson has also invested $9 Million from his personal fund to build a metaverse project called Voxygon. According to Keefe, he envisaged the project with the explicit aim of being a catalyst for Web3.0 adoption.

Voxygon aims to be the most accessible and sustainable decentralized metaverse that will allow people to play, learn and earn on the platform. He aims to scale up the current arena of metaverse to build a ecosystem of Metaverse-as-a-Service where people can dive deeper into the futuristic world of the emerging technology.

While life has not been easy, Vinson Keefe has shown the way, refusing to be bogged down by his challenges. As a modest man, Vinson attributes his success to resilience and a culture of hard work inculcated in him from a young age. With a strong belief and determination, Vinson trusts that his goal of bringing joy and entertainment to the masses will be achieved.

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