Stormgate arrives with ambition to return to the glory days of RTS

Two years of developing and creating the universe culminated in the 2022 edition of the Summer Games Festival, with developer Frost Giant Studios finally showing the event Stormgate. The new entry, all made by former members of Blizzard, brings two missions that seem as ambitious and difficult as the battles the characters themselves fight. The idea was to bring back the glory days of RTS (real-time strategy games) and kill veterans while introducing the genre and style to new markets.

At the forefront of this quest are some of the biggest names in the community, both for their involvement in the classics and their presence among content creators and modders.Former production director Tim Morten tops the list StarCraft II Now CEO of Frost Giant, Tim Campbell is Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne and the president of the new studio.He is still contracted as a director Stormgatea futuristic adventure with a post-apocalyptic feel, like many elements, as the beginning of a saga that promises to be very close to the player.

The title is also the name of an experiment that opened a portal to another world, leading to an alien invasion of different races. They are well-known figures because they were the promoters of mythology throughout human history, and demons and other creatures are now in fierce battle with the forces of the earth. And then there’s Armageddon, where the game shows us a much later period when the world has recovered and returned to forge a united bond, albeit in a very different form.

“The tone is upbeat and the story is focused on uniting and restoring society. So there are no good or bad factions,” explained Morten, at an event Stormgate in Canal Technology participated. According to him, this approach is related to the close tone of the title, as the idea is to create groups and protagonists that users are rooted in and create affinity for, which also inspires the exploration of different styles of gameplay and combat strategies.

Stormgate has a post-apocalyptic world but has an upbeat tone and a focus on unity as society rebuilds itself in the face of aliens and factions without clear heroes and villains (Image: Disclosure/Frost Giant Studios)

In effect, talking about a new game is like explaining an intertwined web of threads where community support and feedback, game elements, interface, connectivity, and esports have been talking to each other and influencing every aspect of the game. Contrary to what has happened in past games, new modes are introduced from time to time, usually unrelated to other games, Stormgate is to create a cohesive world that will last for many years.

It’s been a life’s work for Morten, Campbell, and the rest of the team, and what we’re seeing at Summer Game Fest is just the beginning. “We wanted to create a social experience that wasn’t intimidating. An engaging viral game that encouraged knowledge, exploration and conversation between users of different skills and backgrounds. Stormgate is what we hope to do for the foreseeable future, with content and features coming out for years to come. “

Stormgate, free and the “Elden Ring effect”

Stormgate’s focus is on accessibility, and the developers hope word of mouth will help attract both veterans and newcomers to the RTS genre (Photo: Handout/Front Giant Studio)

The base version of the game will be free to play, and users will have access to the initial hero list, campaign start and all multiplayer modes, including co-op, competitive and esports-focused modes. From now on, Frost Giant has made it clear that it doesn’t want to work with NFTs, and promises a big quarterly update that will always add a new character, unprecedented story chapters, and more for units, bases, and protagonists.

No date has been set yet, but developers hope to see everything starting in the first half of 2023, with a closed beta period of Stormgate. So the idea is to go straight to the final version, with no public beta, as the goal is to focus on local improvements and player feedback, and rely on them to spread the word.

“We believe that the community can Stormgate The most popular”, explains Morten, comparing with the all-rounder Eldon Ring. He recalls how, just a few months ago, FromSoftware’s own fans called the game a more accessible alternative to Souls-style, which made more people, even those unfamiliar with the genre, stoked. Want to give it a try.

Everyone’s dream is to see the same thing happen to the new RTS, especially after the focus on accessibility and opening to new audiences is tested and approved.Likewise, developers rely on the shoulders of giants to quote great StarCraft II and Warcraft 3 as a starting point, but point out that just as these titles have expanded in different ways, have evolved and changed over the years, Stormgate Also in its own element.

Stormgate hopes to bring recognizable creatures and heroes, with invading aliens the origin of human mythology (Image: Handout/Frost Giant Studios)

In the trials, not only regular combat, but also tools for creating maps and game modes are available.While seeing the presentation Canal Technology No in-depth details were provided about such a system, and the promise was that everything would be “easy to use and publish”, working directly from the game’s client and the same interface.

“All genres came about this way, and many of us were modders before we joined the team,” recalls lead UI designer Ryan Schutter StormgateFor him, the biggest motivation right now is to empower a new generation of creators in a new universe, and the team hasn’t given up on the dream of seeing their work surpass themselves and gain a new air at the hands of the community.

From beginner to professional

Talking about the progression and footprint of the new game, Frost Giant once again presented us with the idea of ​​a network intertwined with elements that generate engagement and talk to each other to create the results the team expects. This applies to everything from using Basic design elements of grid controls, to keyboards and game logic with clearly visible units, easily perceived attack and defense elements, and constant communication between players of different backgrounds.

For Frost Giant Studios, esports is not just about watching the pros, it also encourages regional Stormgate competitions and contact between players of all levels.

For example, in multiplayer games, 1v1 arenas can be created, with a broad focus on conflict and strategy, or 3v3, considered by the team to be the most social form, and focused on exploring the entire game. This is where developers want to see RTS veterans and newcomers alike. Stormgate Getting together to explore possibilities and work in different ways is one of those proposals that the team believes has never been before and, more importantly, has the ability to move the entire genre forward.

There’s also the classic PvE mode, where players face off against tribes controlled by the game’s AI, further expanding their knowledge of mechanics and heroes. “We’re creating mechanics that encourage teamwork, and a cohesive progression system for dozens of hours of gameplay,” explained co-op lead designer Kevin Dong. Stormgate.

Don’t have time to hone or want to keep the experience casual? Frost Giant also promises something for you, with fun rewards at all evolution levels from the lowest to the highest. Additionally, the format of the season allows the company to imagine a tournament structure with competitive seasons leading up to the playoffs and finals, celebrating great championships.

you may not be the best player Stormgate In the world, it doesn’t want that either, but it can be the best choice for your street or workplace, and the developers also provide the option to organize tournaments and a unique progression element for competitive journeys. This is where accessibility comes into play again, with each user being able to tailor their experience to their level, engagement, personality, and most importantly, abilities.

Movie trailers and quarterly content deliveries promise longevity for Stormgate, which the developers hope will be the game’s next big RTS (Pic: Handout/Frost Giant Studios)

“Esports isn’t just the experience of watching a professional, it’s an element of engagement. You might not want to watch a great player, but you might want to watch your neighbor play,” Morten explained. Once again, social factors come into play, the word is passed on, Stormgatefrom the very beginning, wanted to be embodied in a shared experience.

This is a big dream and a bigger journey, and the team knows that the remaining two years are just the beginning. After all, as mentioned earlier, Stormgate Still in full development. A release forecast is just around the corner, but it’s still an idea that requires the team to mature, even if 2023 is a realistic prospect.

for a while, Stormgate Only available on PC, while the team plays Marvel StarCraft 64, seems to want to focus on what’s most important. The word accessibility is most repeated in the game’s presentation to media and content creators, and another one is very clear to those watching: ambition. It’s the first step for anyone looking to get bigger, and the studio’s Frost Giants most want to see happen.

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