Tetris effect creators Rez and Lumines want to work on PSVR 2

Tetsuya Mizuguchi says studio is considering how to improve VR

In an interview with the site VGC To commemorate the fourth anniversary of the announcement Tetris Effectgame producer Tetsuya Mizuguchi said he wanted to Virtual Reality who is interested Virtual Reality 2 sony. water town Known for making games that combine challenge with music, and Tetris Effect he was involved Rez and illuminator.

Tetsuya Mizuguchi talked about for PSVR 2: “I can’t say anything very specific…but we’re very interested and we’re thinking about how we can move VR forward, so we’re very interested in new hardware and how we want to improve VR gaming. We’re very interested in PSVR 2 .”

Check out the announcement trailer below. Tetris Effect aired four years ago.

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In the same interview, the producer Mark Macdonald discussed Tetris Effect Not yet available on all platforms: “There are still some platforms that we don’t want to join. There may be platforms in the future that we would like to see.” This means that PSVR 2 may receive a version of the game at some point in the future.

In 2019, Shuikou has shown interest in making on a new generation of consoles as he wants to enjoy all the technology that is coming, saying in the interview: “We want to make a game on the next generation of consoles that will offer a higher resolution, I hope.” The producers proved that the team is ready for a new challenge: “Now, Enhance is well-positioned to take advantage of whatever the next generation has to offer when it launches.”

Finally, he confidently completed: “Overall, new hardware and technology has been a huge source of inspiration for me, from my arcade days to more recently VR and AR. So yeah, I’m definitely very excited about what’s next.”

Do you believe Tetris Effect is working for PSVR 2 or Shuikou Will you innovate again with new games? Share your opinion in the comments!

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