THE BALL – “I hope they didn’t play with my work” (Corinthians)

Corinthians’ Portugal boss Vito Pereira made no secret of his anger at criticism of him, especially when he did out changed. . and rotate teams, or to use Brazilian terminology, rotate.

“What I want is for them not to play me and my job. But let’s see how this team that everyone idealizes plays in every game: William is out and left out because he has muscle The discomfort needs to be addressed, Jô is out, Renato left today with a muscle problem, we’ve managed it carefully so that this doesn’t get worse than what I already have. Fagner is injured in 11 away games. Gill is injured today, Because he has to play a series of games non-stop. Joao Victor is injured. Anyway, whoever came up with the idea of ​​looking for a team type must be kidding, they can’t because they don’t have eyes on their faces, they Did not see what was going on. If we had no children, Corinthians would have downgrade [permanência], but people don’t want to know the truth. I heard the conversation there, shovel, shovel, shovel, shovel, shovel, shovel…I let the team play three games in a row and I got hurt. I’m down to earth and I like the truth. How satisfied would I be if I had one game in three games and I had few players. I played two or three games with the same player and he was injured. We must be intellectually honest. Fans were then deceived and made demands they could not make, period», declared Vito Pereira, who was again clearly troubled by problems with the Brazilian media surrounding the team’s rotation.

“I’m getting a little tired of hearing things that don’t make sense. If we don’t casters, and if we’re not ready for the kids to come in, I want one of the experts to come here and sit here and make a team, heavyweight, and I don’t even know how you do it usually says . Rather than appreciating what was being done, he never defined a team. Children are playing, they are making mistakes, but they are trying to help. type of team? Do you think I want to move and move and move the team here? I am a stable coach. Who will be the striker in the next game? Roger got his third yellow card. Giovane or Felipe will play, and a kid, he’s here,” added the Portuguese coach.

When asked about possible different options for the attacking trio, Vito Pereira said: “These tactical issues took a whole night to explain, explaining why I played one way and not the other. …more firewood, what should I do? Using all the attacking aces, apart from being able to throw the team off balance, we want to keep playing in their midfield, but we can’t, as we saw today like that.”

Vítor Pereira also left a warning: «The calendar is like that, this is what we have, in order to have a competitive team in every game, I need to have a wider squad. Weapons Unlike other clubs, we can’t compare unrivaled weapons to other opponents who have what we don’t have. I’ve done what I can, I don’t have to. The club has done what it can and doesn’t need more. Reality slaps us with the truth. I want a left winger but I don’t have one. I have to put Python in.its not here blah blah blah, deceive people and fans. “

When asked if he had offered club management a roster to strengthen the No. 9, the coach’s reaction was as follows: “The club is very aware that we have some problems. We already have more solutions, we have more The solution to start the championship. Look at that (this throw [plantel] Our starting and current. The club will do its best. As for the list, I’m not the one providing the list. These are internal club affairs. We are at the forefront of the championship and we have all the constraints, so don’t make demands on me that I have no place. “


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