THE BALL – Live interview with Luis Felipe Vieira (Benfica)

The former president of Benfica spoke in an interview with CMTV on Monday. Following everything Luis-Philippe Vieira said, he was detained for three days last July as part of the so-called red card procedure and eventually resigned from his position at the club.

Why are you talking now? «In January, they could explain that he wanted to destabilize Benfica. I’m here because they make my general judgment, so I’m here to ask all your questions. Get out of debt, get out of danger. I’ve been acquitted more than I’ve been convicted, I walked the streets normally and was never offended by anyone. “

You robbed Benfica? “I’m absolutely sure I didn’t steal the ball from Benfica. Benfica is probably the one who stole a lot from my family and business life. I was a liar in the BPN case for 12 years and I hope in this case, I Can also be exonerated in life, not after death. They have to prove me guilty because I didn’t.”

detention: «I was in a meeting, they came to my office, they searched, I don’t know what they were doing. But they are also my house and my son’s house. They even had lunch with me. Then they told me I was going to be arrested. This is their fourth visit to my house. It looks like a hunting trophy for someone. My son was also arrested. Terrible, it’s a picture I don’t want to repeat. I was completely blank that night. Later I found out that Jose Antonio (dos Santos) was also in prison.

Who is the trophy for? “I don’t know. It looks like the list is out and I’ve been picked as a scapegoat by someone. They’ve said it’s going to be a screen of justice.”

Debt to the Bank: «There is a lot of talk about Luis Filipe Vieira because he is president of Benfica. I’m certainly not forgiven for anything because I’m a public figure. In my opinion, the management of Novo Banco is detrimental. Their accusations against me make no sense. There should be someone within the bank to assess the risk. “

Appointment of Nuno Gaioso (Vice Chairman of Benfica) as management company: “Do you think I run the bank? The bank understood that in the negotiations we had, to create a fund where all the assets would be placed. 15 years ago, they had a business plan and they understood that they could grow the business and get the money back. The bank The management company was chosen. What if the bank did not provide the necessary means to the management company? Could it be the bank’s fault too? Purge. Am I a victim? Do not have any doubts. I am not a saint and never will be. I Absolutely sure I didn’t embezzle, I didn’t buy any planes…”

Public takeovers at Benfica: “It’s very important for Benfica. Jose Antonio [dos Santos] Never been told, only two or three people knew about the operation. Domingos Soares de Oliveira, Miguel Moreira and lawyer. The prosecutor’s office couldn’t possibly have anything about me warning someone. On the day we launched the takeover offer, I told Jose Antonio and he told me he wasn’t selling his stock. (…) I’m not worried at all about who can make money, but what Benfica will win. In my case, I will receive 5 euros, which I gave at the time. We want the Bayern model.

John Tex: « Jose Antonio [dos Santos] Let me talk to him. I told him that Benfica is a great club and if I have to invest, I don’t have to be afraid. I don’t talk to John Texo anymore, I don’t have any other distractions, I don’t even know how many shares of José António I can buy. “

The allegations of embezzlement of two million from Benfica: “The public sector has to prove everything it says. Bruno Macedo is a businessman like everyone else. Now I’m embezzling two million euros and giving away Bruno Macedo assets for free? So me and my son The dumbest guy ever! I had an argument with Bruno Macedo about Darwin. I gave him a commission of 500,000 euros and he understood he deserved more. Not because he was my son’s friend.”

– “I never paid 20%, I paid 15% for Raul Jimenez, his contract is about to expire, I agree with Jorge Mendes, after He will be on loan at Wolverhampton, which is a big deal for Benfica.”

“When they made these allegations it was because they didn’t know what was going on in the football industry. They said I paid commissions to two agents and it happened to the last player who came to Benfica. Example. It’s normal for this to happen.”

“I think I’m a trophy for justice. He’s very popular as Benfica’s chairman. I was placed in Lex and I’ve been in this operation since then and I don’t even know what I’ve done in it. Lex’s main target has left, and no one knows he’s gone. If they’re to be believed, so am I.”

Enzo Fernandez: “Normally, we never go to Argentina until players are shut down. If 20 million is a lot of money? Think.

Ricosta: “I think he acted clumsily when he took office. It hurt me a lot, even because of my relationship with him and the fact that I liked him a lot. He also directed two physical therapists not to come to my house. It looks like they are going to give me Information. I talk to people at Benfica and they always tell me not to say they talked to me.”

«Benfica are at the level of the best clubs in the world. It’s not my job, it’s Benfica’s. Vierismo is Benfica. All the work of the past 20 years is at a glance. Is there a witch hunt? Apparently there is. They betrayed Benfica’s history. What if Ricosta is afraid of me? If you know what’s going on, why don’t you speak up? God help Rui Costa to stay at Benfica for many years and I can go to Max to celebrate every year.

Have you spoken to Ricosta? “No. If you call me for lunch? I have no problem. Maybe it will even be useful to you.”


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