THE BALL – Mafalda Rosa defends her European Open Water Championship in Setubal. «I am at my best» (swimming)

Ten months later, at the Choisy-le-Roy Park in Paris, where she won the European Junior Championship in the open water 10km, Mafalda Rosa will defend her title this Saturday (17.40 h) in Setúbal. From Friday to Sunday, where the European Championships in this category are held.

Simultaneously with the women’s race, the men’s race will start at 17.30 on the 2km circuit (5 laps) created in front of the Albarraque beach, which last week became the stage for the 12th edition of the World Race in Setubal. boiling water. Gustavo Marques (União de Coimbra) and Martin Carvalho (Rio Maior) will be the men’s representatives for the national team.

“Let’s see how it goes. Open water is always very unpredictable. We can repeat the same proof multiple times in the same place and it can always be different. The winner too. I have strong opponents, but mine Be in the best shape. I give what I can give. I will be happy no matter what. I will have family and friends here to support me, so whoever performs better in the competition will win », first announced 18 Year-old Mafalda, A BOLA. Just last Sunday, she was already racing in the rather difficult waters of Sado, where she took part in the mixed relay (6 km) Nacional.

You mean you managed to get to this European the way you wanted? Were there any surprises in the preparation process?

“Yes. It’s nothing. It’s all great. In the last week, it just got some details. Now I just have to do my best », says the swimmer from Rio Maior, about a year ago, She also competed in the Olympic qualifying events for the Tokyo Olympics in Setúbal, where she finished 10th, but didn’t make it. Went to Japan because her teammate Angélica André finished 5th. Each country can only Determine one.

And, especially after the sea got so cold during last Saturday’s World Cup game – with currents, wind and waves – what Setubal has shown you is the 10km you have to watch out for? «Especially the current, which greatly affects the race. I need to know how to position myself correctly. Not only within the swimming group, but throughout the competition. For example, near land, within a river. But I also had to pay special attention to the wind. Swimming in the waves is a bit difficult for me. I have improved in that situation, but it continues to give me difficulties due to the type of swimming technique I have. Those are basically going to be three areas where I have to be more careful.”

«Of course, do not forget the opponent. It’s always very unpredictable,” he said. Last year in France, were you surprised when you won the European Championship (2.04.11;28h)? “I can say I’m confident. I know my level relative to other swimmers. In addition, the water in Lake Choisy-le-Roy is almost still. In other words, this is the ideal test for me. Then it was basically more control of the opponent and managed to have the strength in the last few meters to give the final tip », Mafalda said, and then on the final lap he resisted the attack of the French Maderon Cato (3rd, 2.04, 15;67 ) and the Hungarians Vivien Balogh and Blanca Berecz, who were already close to the finish line, kept their distance from the Italians, Guilia Salin (2nd, 2.04,13;73).

But would it be more complicated to surprise them now? “Yes, this year will be harder. On these three details I mentioned, it is necessary to have a good strategy and focus, as well as always control the opponents at the top of the main group so as not to let anyone run away.”

At the start of the Youth European Championships this Friday, the men’s 5km was won by Turkey’s Emir Albayrak, while Germany’s Julia Ackermann prevented Turkey from winning both titles by the shortest distance, despite winning six of the medals. of five. Please note that the departure time is delayed by half an hour due to bad sea conditions, high winds and waves. Alexandre Morari (17th) and Marta Aguilar (18th) are national representatives.


5km man: 1st, Emir Albayrak (Tur), 1.06.41 h; 2nd, Tuncer Erturk (Tur), 1.07.33; 3rd, Kadem Erdagli (Turkey), 1.07.51; … 17th, Alexandre Morari (Polish) Er), 1.16.26.

Women’s 5 km: 1st, Julia Ackerman (Ale), 1.13.10 h; 2nd, Sevim Supurgeci (Tur), 1.13.18; 3rd, Thalia Erdogan (Turkey), 1.13.22; … 18th Marta Aguilar (By), 1.31.00.

Frenchmen Sacha Velly and Clemence Coccordano won the men’s and women’s races respectively in the 7.5km race, with Bruno Loureiro (25th), Ricardo Santos (32nd) and Daniela Lopes (24th) also taking part game.


7.5 km men: 1st, Sacha Velly (Fra), 1.32.46 h; 2nd, Vicenzo Caso (Italy), 1.34.33; 3rd, Linus Schwedler (Ale), 1.34.36;… 27th, Bruno Loureiro (Por ), 1.45.13; 32nd Ricardo Santos (By), 1.45.59.

Women 7.5 km: 1st, Clemence Coccordano (Fra), 1.46.07 h; 2nd, Federica Sentatore (Italy), 1.47.21; 3rd. Lara Braun (Ale), 1.47.42;… 24th, Daniela Lopes (POR), 2.07.14.


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