THE BALL – SKATE HOCKEY: Sporting-Benfica starts at 8:00 PM (A BOLA TV)

This Tuesday, June 7th, you can tv ball (Meo Channel 13, Vodafone Channel 31 and NOWO Channel 64)…

tv ball At the hockey game on Tuesday night, Atlético Benfica’s telecast delivered strong emotion. This is the third game of the National Championship semifinal play-offs. At this point, it was a draw (1-1), and the winner was the best of the five. The fourth game will be played this Friday (5:00pm) at Luce, and the fifth game (if necessary) is scheduled for Sunday at Alvalade. Note that in the other semi-final, Porto led Óquei de Barcelos 2-0.

League of Nations dominates NIGHT BALL (22:00)

Portugal’s participation in the Nations League and a detailed analysis of the national and international transfer markets are topics that will be on the table night dance. José Manuel Delgado, Andre Pippa and Litos sign the comments. Jorge Pessoa e Silva introduced the program.

Tuck, José Pedro and Carina Duarte at BOLA DAS 7 (7pm)

Coach Tucker and Jose Pedro comment on all the football news of the day seven balls, which naturally emphasizes Portugal’s participation in the League of Nations.Surfer Carina Duarte previews stage three LIGA MEO, Ericeira Pro, runs from Friday to Sunday. João Manuel Farinha introduces the program.

Andrea Pipa in International News Magazine (5.30pm)

news magazine Journalist Andre Pippa guaranteed the international event today. The presentation was signed by journalist João Manuel Farinha.

…and João Esteves and Luís Mateus from MARKET TOTAL (6:30pm)

Reporters Jorge Pessoa e Silva and Luís Mateus present and analyse news from the transfer world total market. Reporter João Manuel Farinha introduces the programme starting at 6:30 pm.

CNTT starts at 10:30 AM

Cycling GasGas’ Micael Simão, Quad’s Yamaha’s João Vale, and SSV’s Can-Am duo Roberto Borrego/Nuno Abrantes are the big winners at Baja Loulé, stage five of the 2022 National Off-Road Championships.

GONÇALO UVA is making it roll (12h25)

bring it on This week showcased former rugby player Gonçalo Uva’s passion for the motorcycle world. Written and introduced by Domingos Janeiro, bring it on is a show with conversations/interviews with familiar faces from TV and entertainment. The theme “Rolling” revolves around the guest experience in the middle of a motorcycle. In this episode, don’t miss a conversation with Gonçalo Uva, one of National Rugby’s references.

14:25 Diamonds will be seen on the beach

Explorer Kate Leeming embarks on his first-ever bicycle tour along the Skeleton Coast, where the Namibian desert meets the Atlantic Ocean. On the edge of the Namib Desert is the Skeleton Coast. This is the Holy Grail in exploration. No one has ever done its entire length on a full line. Explorer Kate Leeming aims to be the first. On its 1,600-kilometer journey, it traversed some of the most inhospitable terrain and endured one of the harshest climates on Earth in one of Africa’s most remote and spectacular regions.


At a time when the world is more focused on race than ever, the contribution of black athletes in sport is black power. Powerful stories of modern heroes such as Lewis Hamilton or Serena Williams, as well as stories of pioneers or extraordinary events such as Jesse Irving, and marked by recent movements such as Black, who had a huge impact on sport and society Lives Matter.


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