The Brazilian created his own version of Sonic Frontiers in Unreal Engine 5, and we talked to him!

Tech demo developed by Gotikozzy from the Detonando Gueek channel featuring lumens, ray tracing and DLSS

This Sega Several videos have been released over the past few days showing images of gameplay Sonic Frontier As well as the mechanics that will appear in the game, there will be repercussions in the gamer community and fans of the Blue Hedgehog.With the news of the game, developers and content producers Goticozzi (Ederson Dantas) via Channel Detonate Geck Published materials with their own version of the tech demo Sonic Frontier use Unreal Engine 5, Free tools from epic game.

The demo was developed by him in a very short time as he only started the project after the gameplay was announced Sonic Frontierstarting May 31. Goticozzi Use materials and added technologies that are available on the development platform itself, such as Lumens, Ray Tracing and DLSSwhich gives better performance in the demo.

we and Goticozzi He says “The last two gameplays shown did not meet the expectations of the project itself” and added that “It seems that innovation by Sonic Frontiers fails to attempt innovation”.

Developers say “the idea [da tech demo] When my wife showed me the gameplay, we had discussed, researched, developed and tested development techniques on my channel over the years, so the motivation started to show that we were no longer in the dark ages of code.”

He also has a question for the big studios who owe a debt to the quality of their games these days:”Imagine where we can go with a structure of qualified professionals, in general my idea is not to compete with any studio because they are definitely better, but to show that more can be done better”

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View technical demos provided by Goticozzi on your channel Detonate Geck.

in your profile Twitter, Goticozzi (Ederson Dantas) is passionate about his work: “Yesterday I went to UE5 to play with Sonic and it turned out to be very exciting, lol, the kids there have Lumen, RT by Hardware and DLSS”

in our Goticozzi, He answers your thoughts on the gameplay in detail Sonic Frontier and details his Unreal Engine 5delving into the development of the project, see below in full what he told us.

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What do you think of the Sonic Frontiers game from Sega?

Goticozzi: I think the last two gameplay didn’t live up to the expectations of the project itself, you see, Sonic’s more open and expanded format in a more realistic environment, which in itself is a big change to the game, but the gameplay is difficult In showing the purpose of the game I think it provides very few elements in the map, in addition Sega doesn’t seem to provide the benefit of current graphics technology that can enhance the atmosphere of the game, after all building a realistic environment, if you neglect to provide this realistic Technology, maybe keeping the environment in a character-like cartoon designer would have been a better decision. Ultimately, it appears that Sonic Frontiers’ innovation failed to attempt innovation. “

What was your motivation for creating this Sonic demo in Unreal Engine 5?

Goticozzi: “The idea arose when my wife showed me the gameplay, over the years we’ve discussed, researched, developed and tested development techniques on my channel, so the motivation started to show that we’re no longer in the dark ages of code, The current technology is not only improving the performance of the players but also benefiting the developers, so an experienced, professional and structured team like Sega can really go further, my little demo is a game using only UE5 The technology and even the 3D models used are low poly count, imagine we can take a qualified professional structure, in general my idea is not to compete with any studio as they are definitely better but to show that it is possible Doing more is better and without compromising cost, all demo elements are free assets.”

Stray is coming to PS4, PS5 and PC on July 19 and will be included in PS Plus Extra and Deluxe
Developed by BlueTwelve Studio, the game will be published by Annapurna Interactive

What is your prior knowledge of using Unreal Engine 5? How hard is it to develop on top of that?

Goticozzi: “Well, when it comes to UE5, we’re all interns, and even the best professionals are still learning to develop on the engine, which was released in preview mode over a year ago, and two months into production. I’m in Unity and The work on cryengine comes from research on implementation features, from these researches I implement and develop specific functions to explain in my videos as I am a software engineer and for the past 3 years I have been working on Graphics programming, which helped me a lot to understand the engine, but since I’ve made it clear that I’m not a graphics artist because of my lack of talent. The main difficulty with Unreal Engine 5 is the developer’s hardware, although it provides a scalable player performance, leaves all the weight on the developer side, what helps a lot here is that Nvidia allows DLSS in editor mode, otherwise my RTX 2080 super wouldn’t be able to make this simple demo, from a development point Difficulty revolves around paradigm shift Many things in Unreal Engine 4 are outdated in 5 and learning how the new engine works adds to the learning curve, plus even the final version not everything is flowers and there are bugs that get in my way , I’m having issues inserting video in Direct X12 and switching to Vulcan, my life has turned into a nightmare, DLSS itself needs to be updated with every engine update, or wait for Nvidia to make it available, in short , all the new software is small and annoying details that happen all the time in UE5.”

What do you expect from a game developed with Unreal Engine 5?

Goticozzi: I really believe it’s an excitement/distrust from a player’s point of view, but to really be able to access and develop on the engine on time I see this as a real revolution in development and gaming, UE5 is more than just a new HD graphics pipeline , this is an exponential change in the development paradigm, people like me who are not 3D modelers can reach impressive levels like MetaHuman Creator and webcams, do motion capture or create hyper-realistic global illumination with just parameter tweaking , and if that’s not enough, a new control ring animation mode is available for very detailed motion. In general, the only dependencies needed to create a game are external modeling software, and UE5 with imported 3D models is fully autonomous. This makes us wonder how many smaller studios are approaching AAA studios and how AAA studios can go further, faster, and in general, using and understanding UE5 I can say it’s a tool today with more Better public game development access. Now up to the studio, it’s important to understand that what makes UE5 great is just a tool, nothing can replace human creativity.

The current channel Detonate Geck Been following news about game development tools, such as Unite, cry engine and own Unreal Enginein a broadcast he did on his channel late last year, Goticozzi show on site metahuman creatortool Unreal Engine It allows for easy creation of human characters and offers a variety of options.

How do you see technology demos with the following vision Goticozzi for a version Sonic Frontier using the developed Unreal Engine 5? Would you like to learn more about the work of a developer? Share your opinion in the comments!

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