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Only a jerk would pay millions file with monkey image, correct? With this idea, the world is full of lowly people – many of them famous.

Neymar, Justin Bieber, Paris Hilton, slim Shady, Post Maloneamong other artists and athletes shaking up the crypto market by taking some NFTs from their collections boring apple yacht club through unimaginable numbers.

The collection brought together thousands of randomly generated images of monkeys, which today are effectively considered “tickets” to a particular celebrity club.

It is estimated that taking the Brazilian ace as an example, he has already paid 6.2 million reais Consists of two “boring monkeys,” one of whom recently showed off on his Twitter profile.

Image: Twitter/@neymarjr

This wave of celebrities brought back one of the most popular cryptocurrency categories in 2021 — and again, raised some questions:

  1. Is this just a fad?
  2. Do you have a plan to “trick Muggles”?
  3. Does the future really exist and the appreciation potential is huge?

in answering these questions and understanding whether Worth a deep dive into NFTs Or if it’s all just “soft talk”, it’s worth clarifying some concepts.

First of all, what are NFTs and why is there all the fuss surrounding them?

The acronym of NFT comes from English and can be translated as “non-fungible token”, that is, non-copyable.Basically they are digital certificate of authenticity Provide exclusivity for anything you want.

For example, Neymar’s monkey. Although pictures can be reproduced, the original pictures are owned by Ace. But if the image is the same, what is its intrinsic value?It’s very subjective, but it finds parallels in traditional art: copying Mona Lisa A different value from the original frame, right?

However, this ability to digitally record ownership of something goes far beyond the rights to an artwork or collectible. Imagine a car document that proves ownership of a vehicle: for example, an NFT that records transfers at every sale would be able to do the same.

it is these future use prospects This has allowed some NFTs to trade millions of dollars and attract investors to the market.

A year ago, some tokens of Neymar’s monkey collection were trading at around $200. Today, the cheapest is no less than $300,000150,000% appreciation.

It doesn’t stop there: Last March, a digital work by artist Beeple sold for $69.3 million at auction. who sold it? Christie’s, one of the largest auction houses in the world.

But does this asset class really have so much millionaire potential or is it a scam?

Will NFTs be the Internet of the 1990s?

Let’s start with a more positive outlook. Unable to predict how far NFTs will goOn the one hand, if they can become fashionable for young people and celebrities, they can explode and become something revolutionary and appear in our daily lives.

In this case, you would agree that the asymmetry of profits is worth a gamble. Imagine the advent of the Internet in the 1990s, and anyone who believed in the big bets made by the likes of Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft now outnumber millionaires. That’s exactly what people investing in NFTs are proposing.

Amazon stock historical valuation chart. In 1997, not everyone believed in the potential of the internet, AMZN was trading at $1.73, and today it’s selling for $3,000, an increase of more than 173,000%. Source: Google Finance.

for experts Vinicius BazinTaking the head of the cryptocurrency department of Empiricus as an example, the NFT market has the potential for explosive appreciation, similar to the Internet in the 1990s or Bitcoin in the last decade, which can bring profits of the order of 200 times, namely Convert an investment of 5,000 reais to 1 million reais.

Also, to invest in NFTs, you don’t need to have millions of funds like Neymar. It is possible to invest resources in NFT-related cryptocurrencies or even buy parts of NFTs, which allows any investor to access these assets.

On February 21st at 7pm, Bazin will be Extraordinary free radio For those who are interested in knowing the list of digital assets that their team evaluates capable of turning an investment of just 5,000 reais into 1 million reais.

To participate, you must pre-register for free by clicking the button below:

Could the NFT be a pyramid or some kind of scam?

If there are people who are most enthusiastic about NFTs, there are also people who are very skeptical. After all, seeing the value of digital tokens being traded into millionaires would scare anyone, especially those who are less familiar with virtual environments.

But after all NFT can be used for blow what does it still matter pyramid?

First, you need to define things. “Pyramid” generally describes a business model that relies on new flows of capital to stay afloat. It’s this kind of stuff that for your “investment” you need to bring in new investors to contribute more money. But things tend to fall apart when the base gets too wide…

This has nothing to do with the concept of NFTs, they are just digital authenticity tokens. Now, that’s not to say that these certificates can’t be used for scams.

Just as Bitcoin, the world’s most stable cryptocurrency, is also a target of scammers, be very aware of where you invest your money so that you don’t fall into the “wake-up call” of smart people.Therefore, be sure to consult before investing in NFTs Experienced Professionals and authorized.

If you still don’t know who can help you, Bazin’s team’s broadcast can be a good guide: with years of experience in the cryptocurrency market, he and his team of analysts are able to distinguish between wheat and chaff, delivering only warm adaptations disease.

Last year, for example, they named a cryptocurrency that appreciated more than 28,000 percent, from a few cents to over $150. Interestingly, it is directly related to the NFT gaming world.

free eventHeld on the 21st at 7pm, a plan will be presented for anyone interested in seeking profits through NFTs. According to analysts’ calculations, an investment of 5,000 reais yields a gain of about 1 million reais.

NFTs just for fashion and showing off? Even so, you can make a lot of money with it.

Between those who see NFTs as a revolution and those who fear scams and fraudulent schemes, some see the technology as a fad, a product of speculation and no economic or social value.

When millionaires and controversial figures like Neymar and Justin Bieber step in, NFTs are just a fad and the impression of paying millionaires’ worth with these tokens is nothing more than an impression for the rich It’s a show off.

While this is a very simplistic way of looking at things, as even the strangest trends have some added value, the main idea for investors is always make moneyregardless of your personal opinion about a particular asset.

For example, you might hate beer, but if Ambev stock is trading at a low price and has high upside potential, you won’t miss out on making money from it.

So I invite you, investors, to at least understand the fundamentals behind investing in NFTs, even if you think the people who buy this “sticker” are complete idiots.

In the face of an expanding market, targeting NFT tokens allows you to sell these tokens at a higher value in the future.Look at the example of the monkey collection that Neymar is in, it’s valuable Over 150,000% in one year.

At the event presented by analyst Vinícius Bazan, you will have the opportunity to seek huge profits using the highest potential NFT assets, both in the tokens themselves and in cryptocurrencies from appreciation. Also, you will receive the name of the first asset on this list via the pallet.

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