The most profitable NFT games in 2022

NFTs are the new sensation in the cryptocurrency market and have made celebrities around the world such as Neymar, Eminem, Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg, Steve Aoki, and more, invest millions of dollars in the space. But what exactly are NFTs, and what are the best opportunities to make money from them?

The acronym NFT stands for English, non-fungible token (non-fungible token). In other words, they are unique objects that, like works of art, cannot be replaced by other similar products. Its value lies in its uniqueness.

For example, consider something alternative, such as a 100 BRL note. You can exchange it for two BRL 50, five BRL 20 or ten BRL 10 banknotes, because it is not the banknote that matters, but its value. NFTs are unique creations, just Like a Monet or Rembrandt painting. There are reproductions, imitations, or paintings inspired by them, each with only one original, whose value is immeasurable.

NFTs are built on blockchain technology and can be tracked and verified, but not altered, making the market extremely secure.

NFT games

In this case, what is the difference between NFT games and regular games? To be precise, NFT games use non-fungible tokens, that is, the player will be able to have something unique, such as a character with exclusive characteristics and accessories that will differentiate him from everyone else and in the market Pay attention to him.

Right now, there are plenty of great options for those who want to combine fun with earning possibilities. To help you break ground, we’ve selected six of the best NFT games to earn money.

Best Money-Making NFT Games of 2022

  1. Lucky Cube (LCK) – Online lottery, safe and with several daily draws
  2. Pegaxy – horse racing in the style of mythology of the future
  3. Axie Infinity – The game provides creatures for you to develop and use in battle
  4. Bomb Crypto – Advance through the game to earn digital currency
  5. Light Nite – The goal is to stay alive and profit in the process
  6. Zero NFT – Ragnarok Returns, Bringing Profitability

Access the best NFT games

Now let’s analyze each of these games individually to understand how they work and how to make them profitable. After reading, you will be able to decide which ones are more in line with your profile and your interests.

1) Lucky Cube (LCK)

Playing the lottery is fun for millions of people. Even better is to be able to do it from the comfort of one’s own home and with greater transparency. This is because, in the first cryptocurrency-based lottery lucky block, every transaction is registered using blockchain technology, preventing the system from being cheated.

Lucky Block is a market response to the growing demand for online gambling, with the advantage that the platform is decentralized, i.e. not tied to local financial institutions or systems.

With low cost and more daily draws, no geographic restrictions, participants have an increased chance of winning. Also, prizes and jackpots are delivered almost automatically with no delays.

Another positive highlight is that Lucky Block pays dividends to all token owners, whether they win or not. When users buy tickets, they use the platform’s digital currency LBLOCK, which has a bright future in 2022.

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2) Pegasus

The same goes for the horse racing-based game Pegaxy (Pegasus Galaxy), which offers participants many opportunities to earn money.

The futuristic mythological magpie (horse) is the descendant of the mighty Pegasus. In each competition, participants can earn rewards through the token VIS (Vigorus) used on the platform.

But it is also possible to profit by renting out handles to participants who do not have the money to buy NFTs. Therefore, the financial results will be in accordance with the regulations between the parties involved.

Finally, another way to get a financial return is to sell your horse or the offspring he will occasionally give.

The game is a lot of fun and will definitely grab your attention, as mastering the elements of winning a game can be quite a challenge.

Read more about Pegaxy

3) Unlimited axis

Inspired by Pokémon, Axie Infinity is a game where players collect creatures called axies that will fight against others.

Axies are unique creatures that evolve throughout the game, depending on how much time the player spends with them. Therefore, they are stronger and ready for battle, which also increases their market value.

The player actively participates in the evolution of his axis, choosing the traits he wants to develop in his creature to improve it. This is a task that requires a lot of strategy as it will determine the success of your future business.

The main way to make money in Axie Infinity is to sell axies or their offspring, as these “little monsters” can breed. But winning the battle also awards SLP (the game’s token) to the winner.

Plus, you can participate in open tournaments for real money prizes.

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4) Bomb encryption

Another in-game play to win, the main goal of Bomb Crypto, very reminiscent of Bomberman, is to destroy monsters or other competitors.

Of course, players accumulate the platform’s digital currency BCOIN in the process. To enter the game, participants need to purchase a character (NFT). There are six types to choose from: Common, Rare, Super Rare, Epic, Legendary and Super Legendary.

The higher your level, the greater your ability to collect BCOIN. What makes a game character emotional is that, for example, it’s impossible to pay more to have a super-legendary character. The acquisition of NFTs is random – so it depends on everyone’s luck.

Since a character has an energy bar and may deplete at some point, it is recommended to have multiple energy bars available. So when one is unavailable, you can use the other and keep risking more cryptocurrencies.


5) Light night

In this game, the main goal is to stay alive. There are several players involved at the same time and trying to eliminate competitors.

As you progress in Night Lite, participants earn NFTs – some very rare. All of these items – weapons, clothing, props, etc. – can be traded with other players in the marketplace.

The rarer they are, the more valuable they are and therefore the more profitable the trade is. As with any game making money, the likelihood of making a profit is related to the amount of time invested in the game. Therefore, the financial return will depend on the commitment of each participant.

During the competition, there are also some competitions that can yield nice prizes. You need to be aware of opportunities.

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6) Zero NFT

Anyone who enjoyed the explosion and success of Ragnarok in the early 2000s will be happy to know that Zero NFTs are basically Ragnarok with non-fungible tokens.

Players will develop their characters and strategize, ultimately fighting to conquer and maintain their castles – each of which is different and has unique elements.

As the game progresses, participants can exchange or sell their items – the cryptocurrency used in the game is zero.

Offers participants non-stop events and special events, as well as weekly battles between clans. According to the game’s own website, the ways to “play to win” are limitless.

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in conclusion

With the rise of the NFT market, there seems to be no limit to the NFT market – there is a whole universe to explore. But the only certainty is that this revolution will continue to exist, and its existence will become more and more obvious.

The uniqueness of the tokens gives them the advantage of being highly rated. After all, what is the value of an item with unique properties in a given game? Well, it’s worth as much as any other player is willing to pay, depending on his needs and goals.

But regardless of the monetization potential, NFT games are an excellent source of fun. Lottery, adventure, action, war, racing, it’s all for players from all four corners of the globe. This is a time when entertainment and good business seem to go hand in hand. For those looking to combine the two, opportunities abound.

According to our assessment, the best game in terms of profit potential is Lucky Cube. The real purpose of lotteries is to reward winners, so the less costs involved in the process and the more draws are done each day, the more likely the player is to win. Token payments are made almost simultaneously, which has a distinct advantage over ordinary lotteries.

But the other five games listed can also generate decent income for players. Pegaxy, Axie Infinity, Bomb Crypto, Light Nite and Zero NFTs offer many possibilities for participants. Since they are playing money-making games, the more a user invests, the more chance he has of winning the prize and the more his NFT appreciates.

So take advantage of these tips and have fun. Remember, nothing is guaranteed, but with dedication and strategy, great results are possible.

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