The relationship between Metaverse and corporate communication

June 21, 2022

Juliana Garcia

As in other moments of global technological evolution, life seems to imitate art, or in the case of the metaverse, the market seeks inspiration in the world of science fiction to break new paradigms.

Concept first released in fiction avalanche, American author Neal Stephenson argues that the metaverse is undoubtedly the main topic of debate when we think about the flow paths of digital transformation, and refers in a very objective way to immersive immersion based on emerging technologies such as augmented reality Construction of virtual environments. And artificial intelligence.

According to data from consulting firm Statista, in 2021, Metaverse moved a massive $38.8 billion globally, and this figure is expected to exceed $47 billion this year and grow at an alarming rate until 2030, when global investment may reach 6,788 billion dollar peak.

The impact of technology’s turn to the ball touches the most diverse fields and market segments – from education to fashion; from retail to communications.Looking back on the last theme, it is interesting to see how the Metaverse sheds light on the corporate communications landscape and Marketingchanging the overall dynamics of the organization.

In fact, in Ernst & Young’s recent analysis of the potential shift in the business environment offered by Metaverse, the company noted that the need to invest in infrastructure focused on connectivity and communications is the first step the company can do. Implement virtualization (and all its benefits) in its internal culture.

In terms of trends in organizational communication and the dialogue between companies and their consumers, StakeholdersTaking into account the follow-up of different studies, at least 3 major actions that can change the routine of professionals can be tracked from the following areas Marketing and the relationship between the brand and its customers.

Immersive Experience and Disruptive Possibilities of Brand Positioning

When we think about the relationship between communication, the most prominent point, Marketing Precisely, Metaverse deals with the possibility of creating new experiences in scenarios that break the boundaries between physical and digital.

In this sense, from smoother interactions among employees, to building events using narrative resources and avatars, to using NFTs and virtual reality in brand activation; it is expected that the metaverse facilitates organizational engagement and creates New consumer relationships that take customer experience to another level.

break down barriers Marketing The new world of digitization and social networking

Following the same reasoning, the metaverse makes room for the following strategies Marketing Not only is audio, video, text, and augmented reality resources combined, but consumers become the real protagonists storytelling And narratives in virtualized environments that unite brands and consumers.

Additionally, with networks such as Facebook (Meta) investing in the virtual world, the overall dynamics of social media may change in terms of advertising, content creation, and how companies and customers interact.

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Integration of Hybrid Work and Communication Environments phygital

The Metaverse may still be the missing step in integrating a hybrid work environment, so for corporate communications where reality must be considered phygital, where physical (and face-to-face) and virtual merge. Such a strategy requires companies to use resources, solutions and connections to enable more flexible communication between work teams – no longer relying on office walls to work together on projects.

Finally, at this moment when the Brazilian market is still in the early stages of Metaverse maturity, the ideal organization is to dig deep and not miss the pace of this trend. As we have seen in the context of the pandemic, companies with more advanced digital transformation programs are more resilient to economic crisis environments. And, like any technology that can change the entire economy, those who know how to predict and apply the potential of the metaverse in an environment that makes sense for their business will win.

Juliana Garcia is the CEO of IDEIACOMM. Communication scientist, journalist by training, passionate about spontaneous media work.He has been working for over 15 years public relationshipand during this period, 10 years ahead of IDEIACOMM (a content agency, social media and press office for tech companies), Startupstaxation and legal fields.

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