The Ukrainian flag NFT auction yielded 5.7 million euros. Country has raised €34 million to back crypto assets

Proceeds from the sale of a digital Ukrainian flag NFT by a millionaire will add to the total pie of crypto-asset donations, which was around 34 million euros this Wednesday

According to the company’s statistics, donations of crypto assets equivalent to $37.9 million (about 34 million euros at current exchange rates) have arrived in Ukraine since February 24, the date of the military invasion of Russia. Related to Wednesday, March 2. And these accounts have not yet entered the auction of $6.34 million (€5.68 million) for an NFT (non-fungible tokenan irreplaceable digital asset) of the Ukrainian flag, held this Wednesday.

The 34 million euros are related to direct donations to the Ukrainian government. Through the wallet opened by the Kyiv government, Founded in 2014, the group donates to the NGO “Come Back Alive” to support the Ukrainian military in training, technical solutions, healthcare, funding a “completely defensive strategy,” according to the organization’s website.

Since Saturday, February 26, the Ukrainian government has been accepting donations in four cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polkadot and Tether — the latter being pegged to the U.S. dollar and therefore belonging to the cryptocurrency group. stablecoin, Token Track the price of a specific asset.

As a result, Ukraine has raised $37.9 million (€34 million) in crypto assets through more than 48,000 donations since the 24th. According to Elliptic, the sum includes $5.8 million (€5.2 million) donated by the project’s creators. blockchain British Gavin Wood, co-founder of Polkadot and the Ethereum protocol.

So far, 31.5% of donations have been in bitcoin, followed by ether at 28.2%.exist stablecoin 15.9% of total donations.

cypherpunks in donations

However, in addition to the most popular cryptocurrencies, other digital assets have also joined in contributing. On Tuesday, one of the most popular and coveted NFTs for investors in this type of digital asset also entered the portfolio to support a Ukrainian cause: CryptoPunk worth over $200,000 (€180,000).

CryptoPunks is a collection of 10,000 dolls, different from each other, owned by blockchain. CryptoPunks images can be downloaded and used, but ownership of the originals is established in the large distributed ledger of the Ethereum protocol. The most expensive CryptoPunk ever hit $23.7 million (€21 million) in a deal completed in February of this year.

Another NFT depicting the Ukrainian flag was auctioned on Wednesday by the Ukrainian DAO group (from a group of activists including Russian feminist band Pussy Riot) for $6.34 million ($5.68 million), according to Elliptic.

In addition to these moves, Elliptic warned of scams aimed at raising funds to donate to Ukrainian organizations, urging those who want to donate to exercise caution.

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