There is news about the danger of the Earth’s poles reversing

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The appearance of a region known as the South Atlantic Magnetic Anomaly has sparked speculation about the possibility of Earth’s magnetic pole reversal. However, a new study argues that’s not the case. So what will it be?

Earth’s magnetic field acts as an invisible shield against the environment that threatens life in space and the solar wind that would otherwise sweep through the atmosphere.. However, the magnetic field is not stable, and polarity reversals occur every once in a while, on average every 200,000 years. This means that the north and south magnetic poles swap positions..

Over the past 180 years, the strength of Earth’s magnetic field has dropped by about 10 percent. at the same time, A region with an unusually weak magnetic field grows in the South Atlantic, near the coast of South America. This region, where satellites have repeatedly failed due to exposure to highly charged particles from the sun, is known as the South Atlantic Magnetic Anomaly (AMAS).

These developments have sparked speculation We are heading towards the possibility of a polarity reversal. However, a new research Indicates that this may not be the case.

We’ve charted changes in Earth’s magnetic field over the past 9,000 yearswhile anomalies like the South Atlantic may be recurring phenomenon associated with corresponding changes in the strength of the Earth’s magnetic field,” says Andreas Nielsen, a geologist at Lund University.

sun; earth; magnetic field; solar wind
The magnetosphere that exists on our planet prevents the solar wind from sweeping the Earth’s atmosphere, acting as an invisible shield.

Millennium Evidence for Earth’s Magnetic Field Information

The findings were published in NASA (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences), Collect traceable evidence nine thousand years agoand based on analysis Charred archaeological artifacts, volcanic samples and sediment coresall of which carry information about the Earth’s magnetic field.

These include clay pots that have been heated to temperatures above 580ºC, solidified volcanic lava, and sediment deposited in lakes or oceans. Objects act as time capsules and carry information about past magnetic fields..

Using sensitive instruments, researchers have been able to measure these magnetizations and Reconstructs the direction and strength of the magnetic field at a specific location and time. “We developed a new modeling techniques Linking these indirect observations at different time periods and locations into a global reconstruction of the magnetic field over the past 9,000 years”Andreas Nelson said.

Imminent polarity reversal?After all, it doesn’t seem

while studying The way the magnetic field changesthe researchers were able to learn more about the underlying processes in the Earth’s core that produced this field. new model Also available for dates in archaeological and geological records, Compare measured and simulated magnetic field changes. it leads them calmly to a Imminent polarity reversal.

According to these scientists’ predictions, the South Atlantic Magnetic Anomaly may disappear sometime in the next three centuries, so Earth is not on the path to a magnetic pole reversal.

“based on Similarities to Reproducing Anomalieswe predict South Atlantic Magnetic Anomaly will be possible disappear in the next 300 yearsthat’s it Earth is not heading for a polarity reversal”Andreas Nelson concluded.


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