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A picture from the weekend was from the Geoffroy-Guichard Stadium, where Saint-Etienne faced a fate delayed several seasons: relegation. When Anthony Gautier blew the final whistle, the Auxerre players who had risen from the division had to immediately run to the dressing room. The same thing happened to the players of the home team.

Saint-Etienne supporters have created a movie-like scene as they storm the pitch to attack the players themselves, with no time on the pitch to mourn relegation from Ligue 1.

A picture is worth a thousand words, it’s better to read it once here. The scenery is terrifying, especially for those who live up close. ○ zero zero Found one of the cases.

“I can’t open my eyes”

Adrian Brightleyreporter and presenter TL7he was in the stadium when this happened, telling us the story in detail.

“My colleagues and I witnessed a chaotic scene. In and out of Geoffroy-Guichard. After the last goal [a eliminatória foi decidida nos penáltis]a thousand Saint-Etienne fans poured into the stadium », he first reported.

«[Os adeptos] Fires smoke grenades, rockets, and projectiles in the player’s direction. Police had to respond with tear gas. The gas eventually filled more than half of the stadium and the entire presidential podium. Breathing was so hard, I couldn’t open my eyes for 10 minutes. “

Stage inside the St Etienne Getty Stadium / JEAN-PHILIPPE KSIAZEK

In France, the problems of supporters came up repeatedly, but on that day they reached an almost unimaginable level. If the on-field view is what we see, as journalist Adrien Blettery tells us, the off-field image isn’t much better.

“It was the same outside. Supporters started charging at the police, who had to respond with tear gas. Families and children were affected. Some even started falling from the gas. Can’t breathe anymore », he explained.

“In total there were about 40 people with minor injuries. No serious injuries. Without police action, everything could have been very serious”, he concluded, adding: “An hour after the game, the Auxerre fans finally met with those who were already there. players sang together to celebrate.”

In France, the problem is becoming more common ( Champions League final question), but, after all, what can be done to prevent these events from happening again?

“I think we should put these events in the context of Saint-Etienne, not France. Fans don’t want this direction to continue and are tired of being made fun of. A former coach gets astronomical sums (€400,000 per month), a recruiting team leaves a lot to be desired, the budget to fight for Europe. They are fed up with that.”

“If we wanted to extend it to the national level, it’s already different. Supporters can barely play away games. Leagues and associations have travel bans almost at all times. I don’t think the police are used to managing these excesses and that’s why Things like what happened at the Stade de France will happen. We have almost no supporters in football games. Violence is reprehensible, but supporters who do it get sanctioned. I think the country, the league and the fans should sit down and do it A compromise. Why ban smoke bombs in the stands? The imagery is spectacular. We have to frame it all. If everyone works, I think things will work themselves out.”

From the top of the hierarchy to the second department

If you are one of our younger audience, you may question the reasons for the backlash and emphasis on Saint-Etienne’s relegation. We understand why, but there is a simple explanation.

saint tienne
30 official titles

1 International Toto CupInternational Toto Cup
10 Francall 1
1956/57, 1963/64, 1966/67, 1967/68, 1968/69, 1969/70, 1973/74, 1974/75, 1975/76, 1980/81
6 FranFrench Cup
1961/62, 1967/68, 1969/70, 1973/74, 1974/75, 1976/77
5 Franchampionship trophy
1957, 1962, 1967, 1968, 1969
1 FranFrench League Cup
3 Francall 2
1962/63, 1998/99, 2003/04
4 FranNational 2
1955/56, 1958/59, 1976/77, 1979/80

until this time, LesvitAs we all know, they are no less than the team with the most Ligue 1 titles.This season has been marked by league relegation, but also because Saint-Etienne is no longer isolated among the teams with the most Ligue 1 titles, as Paris SG’s 10th title brings the Parisian team to match With the entire city of Saint-Étienne at the top, overtaking should not take long.

Unlike several championships in Europe, as was the case with the Portuguese, the French Championship never had a clear ruler. A total of 19 teams have won Ligue 1, a league that has experienced periods of hegemony such as the Marseille champions (from 1987/88 to 1991/92), Lyon (from 2001/02 to 2007/08) and more recently from Paris SG – Eight titles in the past 10 seasons – despite Monaco and Lille winning them. Saint-Etienne was never completely hegemonic, but had a historical period in the late 60s and mid 70s.

Founded in 1919 in the small town of Saint-Etienne (current population of 170,000), the club first entered the French top flight in 1938. Due to the effects of World War II, the club’s rise was not only immediate, but growing rapidly.from vertex In 1956/57, 11 years after finishing runners-up in France, the fans of Saint-Etienne were destined to celebrate their first title in history.

However, the title did not allow the club to cement its place in Ligue 1, and it didn’t take long for the club to be relegated for the first time in 1962 – interestingly, that year Saint-Etienne was also relegated for the first time. . in your story.

representative of portugal

Paulo Machado, Hélder Postiga, Bruno Basto and Jorge Intima are the four Portuguese players representing Saint-Etienne.

But it couldn’t be better to be back at the top. Jean Stella1956/57 champion coach, returning to coach vertex Saint-Etienne won the title for the second time in its history.

That was the beginning of the best period for the club from east-central France. The championships won between 1966/67 and 1969/70 prove it. Roger Rocher, president of Saint-Étienne since 1961, has been appointed as the head of sustainable development for the green team.and albert bartUnder the helm of a revolutionary coach who led the Stade Reims to two Champions League finals, Saint-Etienne has established itself as one of the top teams in French football.

The following years were still golden years for Saint-Etienne, not only in France but also internationally. In the 1975/76 season, when they won their third title, vertex First (and so far) first arrival at last Champions League, but ultimately defeated by Bayern.

After that season, Saint-Etienne only won the French title again in 1980/81, when they had ace Michelle Platini.

If Saint-Etienne rose to become champions for the first time after the first relegation, the opposite happened in 1981. Fans were celebrating their 10th title in history, but they had no idea that fall was getting closer.

Getty/European Football

Roger Rocher was embroiled in a financial scandal over illegal payments to players and eventually left the club a year after winning the title. After two years, Saint-Étienne quit the department.

From the 1980s to the present, the Greens have been what they were before. The reputation of the most successful team in the French Championship remains, but Saint-Etienne never managed to return to the top despite having one of the most passionate fans in the country.

After the alternation of Ligue 1 and Ligue 2, Saint-Étienne returned more steadily in 2004 and has not been relegated since then, but the past few years have shown the decline is getting closer. The best between 2004 and 2022 vertex The results achieved were two fourth places, the last only in the 2018/19 season. Three seasons later, a penalty in the midfield of the Geoffrey Guichard Stadium sealed the fate of French title-topping club Saint-Etienne, tied with Paris Saint-Etienne, who are now in the second division.

“It’s a shock to the city. Here, people live for this club, it’s their blood. On the streets, for days, we felt the grief of the fans, no matter the oldest Still the youngest,” said Adrian, who did not see Saint-Etienne immediately guaranteed promotion to Ligue 1 next season.

“Many players will leave and the club will want to sell. It will need a complete overhaul. I think the club will have to improve the recruiting team eventually to get back into Ligue 1, but with only two places to climb next season, I think it will be very difficult. Especially It’s because of last week’s events that the club could drop points. The decision will be made on June 23. Let’s see what happens.”

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