Trend or “hype”?Gaming-linked NFT cryptocurrencies appreciate up to 1,207,757% in 7 years; see names of 3 promising assets

If you know very little about the world of digital assets, you must have noticed the emergence of this new market trend.i mean cryptocurrency NFTabbreviation of non-fungible token (In free translation, non-fungible token). But, despite being only now, these types of cryptocurrencies entered the financial markets through art long before you knew it.

The first NFT “Showing Faces” around the world by artist Kevin McCoy and entrepreneur Anil Dash, Year 2014, at an event at the Museum of Contemporary Art in New York. “quantity” was the first piece of art to be associated with an NFT type certificate, it was auctioned many years later and received the first bid $140,000 (Same as 760,000 reais) One day after the online sale begins.

Perhaps few people think that NFT assets will surpass the field of art and occupy an important position in the modern economy.Today, they are responsible for generating digital certificate of authenticity Music, videos, games, movies, sports teams like football and basketball, images and even famous internet memes:

Headline said the “Chloe” meme sold in the NFT format sold for $73,900. Image: G1

But despite its notoriety year after year since 2014, NFT assets didn’t “take off” until 2021.According to a report published by the website, to give you an idea Nonfungible.comMore $2 billion Spending on NFTs increased in the first three months of 2021 2.100% Compared to the fourth quarter of 2020.

However, some specific assets in the NFT category stand out.Their valuation is as high as 1,207,577% In 7 years, they are still undiscovered by most investors, and the best part is that they are surfing a market that is generally rising.

Not sure what assets I’m referring to?it’s about Gaming-related NFT cryptocurrencies. They have become a phenomenon in recent months because they embed agame to make money“(from English, fight for victory). Due to the possibility of making money, the model attracts thousands of players from the most diverse countries.

And I’m not talking about a small amount, I’m talking about a chance to win Thousands of reais without leaving home. Just a quick google search and you’ll find examples of players who have already monetized up to 12,500 reais per montheven with little experience, can complete the game’s offer and get paid for it.

The good news is It is possible to earn a similar amount (maybe even bigger than this) no need to play. This is because game-related NFT cryptocurrencies are part of the blockchain Ethereumwhich allows them to be traded like any other digital asset, allowing you to profit from the game’s exponential valuation:

This table shows key crypto market valuations related to gaming-related digital currencies
This table shows key crypto market valuations related to gaming-related digital currencies.Image: Copy Experience

As shown in the chart above, the valuation of cryptocurrencies related to gaming NFTs has reached up to one million percent. as is the case game creditsin 7 years Upside exist 1,207,757% (between September 4, 2014 and September 3, 2021). If you don’t accept any of the valuations listed above, no problem.that is because Lipioone of the leading cryptocurrency platforms in Latin America, is offering 3 promising assets to surf the NFT wave.

After all, are gaming-related cryptocurrencies a trend or just “hype”?

Despite everything I’ve covered above, you may still doubt the potential of gaming-related NFT cryptocurrencies. After all, are they really market trends or just “hype”?

The wave of optimism about non-fungible tokens came in the first half of 2021, when investors from all over the world became interested in these assets.The reasons are several celebrity Decided to make digital certificates of valuables, and at that moment, the ecosystem did witness a huge “hype”.It was during the same period that the artist beetle bag drop $69 million Use one of your works:

Investor who bought NFTs from artist Beeple paid $69M, and will pay more, headlines say
The headlines say that investors who bought NFTs from artist Beeple paid $69 million and will pay more. Image: Valor Investe (30 March 2021)

A few months later, the market is at a low level, and some even think this will be the end of the NFT asset line, and bitcoin, also saw a sharp decline in the third quarter of this year. But time has shown that these technologies are not just fads, they are here to stay, especially with the NFT trend in gaming.

I say this because, unlike other cryptocurrencies that are traded on the blockchain, gaming-related cryptocurrencies are reliable and have revenue predictability, profit and EBITDA, and stock exchange companies. These are not just speculative assets, they do not demonstrate fundamentals of appreciation, this is because the gaming-related NFT class behaves as follows:

  • If the game does well, revenue grows and the number of players increases, the non-fungible tokens used on the platform will appreciate in value; and
  • If the game goes badly, the token starts to drop.

You must have seen this iconic move axis infinitea virtual game where the governance token is a cryptocurrency axis. It launched late last year and within 9 months it’s impressive for its value 10,400%the most profitable cryptocurrency for investors in 2021.

But don’t get me wrong, Axie Infinity isn’t the first game to break out of the NFT universe.Before him we have encrypted catA game that emerges as a large digital marketplace where players trade NFT-related kittens via the blockchain Ethereum. Since then, this non-fungible token-related gaming market has only grown and improved.

Until recently, the Ethereum network was the only blockchain that supported the process of creating NFTs. However, it started to experience throughput issues and the cost of creating NFTs skyrocketed.Now, develop in a newer chain, e.g. Binance Smart Chain (Balanced Scorecard), universe, EOS and polka dot make the cost lower.

This means that the trend of games linked to NFTs should not stop there, not just “hype”. And, if you want to get involved in this work, Lipio It is possible to invest in assets whose platform 3 is currently considered promising:

1. Axe

As mentioned earlier, AXS, the governance token of virtual game Axie Infinity, has the highest valuation in the NFT category in 2021. 10,400% appreciation Until the beginning of September, convert 1000 reais of percent invested in incredible 105 thousand reais. However, if you have not invested in cryptocurrencies before, the good news is that it is still possible to profit from them in the coming months.

There are many reasons to believe this.According to published data Enter TheBockIncreased order of AXS 420% in quantity Holder (owner), in total 17,480 addresses Currently “holds” the token. Additionally, it recently rose 45% to a high of $70 following its listing on the new cryptocurrency exchange.

Still, it has been subject to restrictions imposed by the Chinese government in recent months and has declined.However, analysts say that from an investor’s perspective, this is a Opportunity to enter the asset at a low price And, within a few months, there’s an opportunity to sell it at a higher price.

2. SLP

You probably haven’t heard of him, but token little love potion (SLP) is also embedded in the Axie Infinity platform. Just like AXS, this cryptocurrency can be traded by players and generate profits from it.Currently, there are approximately 2 billion SLPs circulating in the marketAccording to, that’s a 400% increase from July of this year.

It would be promising if we think that as Axie Infinity grows, the SLP can take on more and more functions and expand its value-adding potential. After all, as mentioned, the game’s player count has only grown since its launch in 2021. Imagine what will happen in the next few months?

3. Mana

Finally, the token honeydew is part of decentralization and, a game where participants can build, buy or sell virtual land called “LAND” in the NFT universe. All assets are traded through the project’s governance token, Mana.And, since its launch in 2017, land has been negotiated at exorbitant prices, close to $ 1,000,000.

Because of this, the game’s governance token is up over 1,000% this year alone, and it can go even further if it depends on the game’s platform. That’s because Decentraland is a cryptocurrency-focused Sims, a “parallel” universe where you can get together with other players and do whatever you want: concerts, guitar lessons Even trade cryptocurrencies.

But, beyond that, the game opens doors for 3D article developers and programmers to improve the platform. For this reason, the coin’s valuation is likely just getting started, and you can still grab the next upside if you want.

You can invest in all these NFT cryptocurrencies through Ripio

If you are interested in all the potential of the cryptocurrency category related to NFT technology, know that you can easily become an investor.I say this because each of the tokens presented above can be purchased at Lipioone of the leading cryptocurrency platforms in Latin America.

this means You can buy AXS, SLP and Mana with Real, without having to worry about currency exchange, let alone getting off the couch. In addition to having an advantage: you can get the most competitive rates on the market, as the rate for buying or selling operations does not exceed 0.5%.

Ripio was one of the first companies on the African continent to list Axie Infinity gaming tokens, which have appreciated in value in recent months, and is responsible for making “play and earn” model games for investors. Now, you have a chance to get involved too.

“Games developed on the blockchain are becoming a powerful gateway to the crypto world. This also explains why Ripio spares no effort to provide our users with more and more media alternatives” – Bernardo Teixeira, CFO, Ripio

The platform recognizes that this is a new market and is therefore full of taboos. Therefore, it is designed to make it easier for new investors to get to know you. And, if by any chance you’ve never invested in cryptocurrencies in your life, you can rest assured: in addition to facilitating investments, Ripio provides complete materials to help you make your first investment.

For more information on how to invest in gaming-related NFT cryptocurrencies, click here. This way, you can open a 100% free Ripio account and start investing right away.

In a few years, we might be talking about the extraordinary appreciation for investors of some digital assets that are still very new and unknown today, rather than Bitcoin. If you want to be on the side of those profiting from this movement, here’s your chance:

Open a free account with Ripio and take advantage of these conditions to invest in the NFT cryptocurrencies with the greatest appreciation potential in the coming months:

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