Turing College to Launch a Web3 Developer Course with the Tezos Foundation

The adoption of digital currencies and blockchain technology continues, currently fueled by the promise of Web 3.0, or Web3 — currently one of the largest long-term goals of the crypto industry. The idea of ​​the decentralized internet recently led to a new partnership between the Tezos Foundation and Turing College — an online platform for data science and practical experiences.

The partnership was established with the goal of creating a new course that would teach future Web3 developers everything they need to know in order to start contributing to the growth of the decentralized version of the internet. The course was designed to simplify the transition from the current version of the internet, Web 2, to the future one, known as Web3.

What would the course be like?

The course would include numerous sections involving the usage of Tezos’ blockchain for the development of different Web3 skills. The most attractive feature of the course, however, is that it is completely free for anyone who wishes to take it. The Tezos Foundation has decided to sponsor it itself. The course would last for around one or two months, and any developer who wishes to join it can add their name to the waiting list.

Turing College’s CBDO and co-founder, Benas Sidlauskas, commented on the new development saying that the value of every Web3 ecosystem depends directly on the size of that ecosystem’s community of active developers. Sidlauskas noted that this is a particularly important moment in the crypto industry , as the markets are spiraling down, as they have been doing for months. As a result, it is now more important than ever for the projects to have a strong developer community, as it could mean life or death for the project.

Meanwhile, the Tezos Foundation’s president, Roman Schnider, stated that Turing College has a rather unique approach to onboarding Web2 talents to the Tezos ecosystem. Being so well-designed, the approach is expected to bring numerous future developers, and the ability to collaborate on such an initiative represents a great and delightful opportunity for Tezos. The project understands the value of the next generation of developers, and the fact that it will be the project to help educate them is a great privilege.

About Turing College

Turing College is an online college that aims to create a career school for students who wish to enter the fields of development, data science, and practical experiences. It ensures that its students are work-ready on the day of their graduation, and so far , it has an excellent track record.

The platform recently formed a part of Y Combinator’s W21 batch, which features 350 startups across 41 countries. Meanwhile, it features around 150 students coming from 17 different nations. 100% of the College’s graduates have gotten jobs in Fortune5000 firms and major European unicorns, such as NordVPN, Vinted, and more.

With the Web3 course, future graduates could easily find their way to some of the largest crypto platforms and exchanges.

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