U.S. game market revenue of $60.4 billion in 2021, covering 66% of Americans

Although there is no E3 this year, Commit to hosting the event in-person and digitally in 2023, ESA maintains its calendar for publishing its annual report on the gaming industry. The report, titled “Basic Facts About the Video Game Industry,” focuses on the U.S. market and states that 66 percent of Americans (more than 215 million people of all ages) regularly play video games. Three-quarters of gamers are over 18, and the average age of gamers is 33.

at all ages, Male (52%) and female (48%) players are nearly balancedThe report noted that video games have become an important part of many people’s lives, with nine in 10 gamers saying they are now spending as much or more time playing as they did at the height of the pandemic.

ESA states that 97% of Americans are aware of the benefits of gaming: 93% agree on the joy of play; 91% think mental stimulation is positive; 89% say games reduce stress. In addition, games improve lives, with 82% referring to problem solving; 63% conflict resolution; and 61% leadership development. Other statistics show that video games help develop different skills: cognition (88%), creativity (86%), teamwork and collaboration (86%), and communication (63%).

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Video games can help family and friends stay connected, the report said. 61% of gamers say video games help them stay connected with their families, and 77% of parents regularly play games with their kids. Of those who played with children, 66% said they did it for fun and 56% said it was an opportunity to socialize with the children.

88% of gamers believe video games can bring different types of people together, and 83% agree that they create a sense of community. Additionally, 83% of respondents said video games introduced people to new friends and relationships, and 46% said they met good friendsspouse or significant other through the game.

For isolation and lack of exercise, Video gamers are as likely to engage in sports and fitness as 34% of gamers and 37% of non-gamers, report says; 24% of gamers vs 23% of non-gamers in outdoor activities. On the other hand, gamers (33%) are more likely to engage in creative hobbies than non-gamers (22%).

about playing time, An average of 13 hours per week, with 41% spent playing with others, 25% online gaming, and 16% local multiplayer. 56% of players play with friends, 35% with spouses32% with other family members, 43% online only with friends (23% signed up in 2021), 25% with children and 7% with parents.

ESA: Essential Facts About the Video Game Industry

Source: ESA

” data-title=”ESA: Essential Facts About the Video Game Industry – US gaming market to generate $60.4 billion in 2021, covering 66% of Americans – SAPO Tek”> ESA: Essential Facts About the Video Game Industry

Source: ESA

In terms of consumer habits, the report states that 70% of gamers play on smartphones, 52% on consoles, 43% on PCs and 26% on tablets. The usage rate of virtual reality devices is 7%. Regarding multi-platform, 60% of players have different gear to play; 36% play on console and mobile, 32% play on PC and mobile, 23% play on PC and console, 20% play on mobile, Play on PC and console.

Despite embracing gaming in their lives, families already have rules in place, with 92% forcing children to ask for permission when spending money in-game.. 82% of young people need permission before starting a new game. 79% of young people have rules about when and when to play games. 76% of parents say their children need permission to communicate with others online.

Drawing on data from the NPD Group, the report highlights that by 2021, The U.S. games market generated $60.4 billion, of which $51.7 billion came from game and content sales, spent $6.1 billion on hardware and $2.7 billion on accessories. The 2020 total was $56.1 billion, and the 2019 total was $43.4 billion.

The most successful games on PC and consoles were Call of Duty: Pioneer, Call of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War and Madness NFL 22, while Candy Crush Saga, Roblox and Coin Master earned the most on mobile.

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