“Vegetable garden? Even ten million won’t be a devastating business for Braga”

José Manuel Ribeiro and Luís Freitas Lobo, moderated by João Ricardo Pateiro, discuss national and international current affairs in another Visão de Jogo project

national team:

“I was impressed by the practicality of the games. There were no touch points on the exhibition. The games were beautiful, but in the context of preparing for the World Cup. These games were part of it. The usefulness was good. Only the more sensitive aspects were The central defender problem. We realized that Danilo did it because he was a smart player and simplified the role, but he was not a central defender like Ruben Dias and Pepe who violated the rules of time. You may It will fail. Fernando Santos should go into this field fearlessly for the next two years and already have a way of knowing what to expect.”

“The game against Switzerland deconstructed the narrative that Willian Carvalho has no place in the national team. The midfield used against Switzerland made the most sense. Switzerland also got the hang of it and gave a lot of space to move the ball. Put it in the back and is good for Selection’s game type.

Ronaldo on the bench against Spain: “Obviously it was a moment without a role model and of course I was prepared for that. Talked to coach Fernando Santos of course. I don’t think Ronaldo’s physical issues apply, Because it wasn’t a very tough year without being at Manchester United.”

Goalkeeper changes against Spain and Switzerland

“Honestly, I don’t get it. It’s not normal for a goalkeeper to go in and out in the national team. I interpret the decision on Diogo Costa as a choice in a moment of transition. Rui Patricio perfectly guarantees this. A little bit, but this setback confuses things and creates insecurities for Diogo Costa, who is branding as callous.”

“These games are interpreted as preparation. It’s not about preparing Rui Patricio, but his head, and Diogo Costa’s. Rui Patricio has a clear dissatisfaction with not playing.”

Benfica’s interest in Ricardo Horta:

“Ricardo Horta’s words are in Antonio Salvador’s mind. I’m sure the deal will be done in the end. It’s fair to the players. The amount will be close to 16 million euros, plus a Benfica player, deal It’s done. Braga has suggested “Include the players. This is one way Braga does well. One day, justice must be done for what Horta did at the club. Even accepting ten million would never be a devastating thing for Braga. “

“I believe Ricardo Horta wants to go to Benfica next season. Braga can get the best financial return with this deal, but we have to see what the players want. Braga can pay Malaga 500 $10,000 to keep him at the club.”

Likelihood of FC Porto signing Lincoln:

“There is no vacancy for Lincoln in Porto’s squad at the moment. Porto has some players with his characteristics. I’ve read coaches say Lincoln would be better suited to Otavio, Fabio Vieira or Vitignha s position.”

“I don’t think Lincoln can do what Ottavio does right away. He’s a different midfielder than Sergio Conceiçao wants. He’s a player who can be put in a toolbox and trained regularly.”

Jorge Jesus leaves Fenerbahce:

“I think he will have communication difficulties. Not Brazil. He will have all kinds of difficulties. We have the example of Tony and Vito Pereira to understand the difficulties of working in Turkish football.”

“Going to Turkey to play football is not the high point of his career for him, it doesn’t make any sporting sense. It’s a country and a very emotional football. From what I’ve said, it’s because they want him so much. We Get used to hearing that.” The team had a lot of problems that were far from what he wanted. “


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