Vivaldi Mail is stable and ready for everyday use

The Vivaldi browser never ceases to amaze its users. The latest version comes with an email client, a calendaring tool and an integrated RSS feed reader. Many consider it a Swiss Army Knife, which is to say, it’s full of useful surprises for those willing to use it. It’s based on Google’s open source project Chromium and has many options, preferences, and feature integrations. So, in this case, Vivaldi Mail comes, which is already stable and fully ready for daily use.

So the team launched Vivaldi Mail 1.0. This is a full-featured desktop email client integrated into the browser. It supports multiple email accounts (including popular webmail services such as Google and Fastmail, etc.), search and calendar, and RSS feeds. 2020 launched Vivaldi Mail Beta.

The software company says it “designed Vivaldi Mail around speed, elegance and personalization – our main strengths and the pure awesomeness we strive for”. Having played around with Vivaldi Mail for a while, I can say that it does live up to those claims.

You can learn more about all of this work in this short video:

Vivaldi Mail Overview

I must stress that I am a webmailer. I’ve been around for as long as I’ve built this site.While I’m still setting up my email account Thunderbird and gear (so I can keep an eye on the apps), 99% of the time I “send” emails in a browser tab,

This makes Vivaldi Mail an interesting proposition for anyone in my situation. Like webmail, Vivaldi Mail works “in” the browser with all my other tabs.

However, unlike traditional webmail providers, Vivaldi Mail Don™ exist Your computer, not a remote server elsewhere. It also works offline without restrictions (hint: turn on the email prefetch option for a better offline experience).

Vivaldi Mail is stable and ready for everyday use

One-click rearrangement of layouts

Visually, Vivaldi Mail looks like a cross between Thunderbird and a modern webmail service. While the “default” setting is very useful, this is a Vivaldi product, so naturally there is a bewildering array of filters, toggles, and settings to customize the client’s appearance, layout, and behavior.

Vivaldi Mail Features:

  • Support for multiple accounts
  • various filters
  • layout options
  • Automatically detect email lists and email subjects
  • RSS feed support
  • Work offline
  • Search function
  • keyboard shortcuts
  • Support text signature

You can find more information on the Vivaldi website, as well as links to download Vivaldi for Windows, macOS and Linux. Vivaldi is free software, but not open source. Select the “Full Load” option when configuring your browser to enable email, calendar, and RSS feed functionality.

You can enable Vivaldi Mail by visiting Vivaldi > Settings > General. scroll to section Productivity Features at the bottom and tick/mark “Enable Email, Calendar, and Feeds” box .

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