Volkswagen launches NFT card collection; see models, operations and costs

Volkswagen announces entry into the digital world of NFTs, short for NFTs non-fungible token (non-fungible token, Portuguese translation).

In the cryptocurrency world, a token is a digital representation of an asset (such as currency, property, or artwork) registered on a blockchain, a technology that was born with Bitcoin in late 2008.

In the case of Volkswagen, it has launched a platform called “Digital Garage” or Digital Garage that allows consumers to collect Card Cars, parts and items related to the automotive industry of car manufacturers.Therefore, customers will buy card and store it in a collection within the platform as if it were a sticker in an album.

The platform is registered on a blockchain called Polygon. The German manufacturer announced the news during a virtual press conference on Monday (11th).

Notably, an NFT is a representation of an exclusive item, which can be digital — such as graphic art made on a computer, like these cards — or physical, such as a painting. In addition to artwork, music, game items, unique moments in motion, and memes can all be rolled into one.

The topic is growing in popularity and relevance: According to one data, the market value of the metaverse (the developing digital world) could reach $8 trillion to $13 trillion by 2030, The number of users will reach $5 billion. Report from Citi.

Platforms like Youtube have positioned themselves on this topic. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said in a recent open letter that the video streaming platform is considering offering NFTs as a way to “help creators take advantage of emerging technologies.”

Celebrities like Neymar and Justin Bieber have also surrendered to NFTs and invested millions in irreplaceable products.

Now, Volkswagen is the first manufacturer in the world to offer NFTs in this business. ○ information currency The main information about novelty is organized.

What is Volkswagen’s “Digital Garage”?

Volkswagen’s Digital Garage is a platform that allows customers to visit and buy Card Company car collectibles.

In practice, the client will be able to collect several Card It’s as if you were putting together your own digital sticker album.

Cards will be sold in packs of three to five Card And, when making a purchase, the user has those Card Associated with your garage.

In addition, in the future, each user’s digital garage space can be accessed by other users, thereby initiating interaction among brand fans.

“Volkswagen is always looking for new technologies and new opportunities. With this collection of NFTs, we want to save the habit of collecting. Every car lover loves rare items. , a platform of differentiated designs,” said Fabio Rabelo, Head of Digitalization and New Business Models at Volkswagen Latin America.

How does Volkswagen’s digital garage work?

To access the platform, users need to sign up for a Google or Facebook account. After doing this, the purchase is now Card Quantities available today are limited and available randomly, via packs containing three or five units.

Consumers only discover the contents of each package when they open and examine the package.

Cards are divided into three categories based on rarity: “Heroic” is the most common version, “Advanced” is the intermediate version, and “Legendary” is the rarest version. Buyers can choose the rarity level they want.

For reference, the “hero” model will be around 80% of the image, the “advanced” model will be around 15%, and the “legend” model will be less than 5%.

There are currently two series to choose from: “GT Series” (left) and “Pen and Paper” (right).


GT has 23 Card And own cars from the GTs series, including Gol, Golf, Virtus, Polo, etc.; Pen and paper with 45 Card And has the look of being hand drawn with pen and paper.

“For fans of the brand, interacting with NFT technology and everything it has to offer is a new experience. Together with these two collections, we will be launching around 60 digital cards representing well-known models and Volkswagen logos” , said Ciro Possobom, COO of Volkswagen Brazil and Vice President of Finance and IT for Volkswagen Brazil and Region SAM.

Consumers can also sign up to receive new packaging Card As soon as they come out – the collection is limited.

Currently, consumers who make purchases can only save on the platform. Available for sale at a later date (more info below).

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How much do these cards cost?

Prices start at 50 reais and go up to 75 reais.

The procurement platform is now up and running. For example, the GT set has only 28 Legendary cards available – 100 in total. On Monday alone, 72 copies were sold.

Additionally, consumers can pay with Pix, credit cards or cryptocurrencies.

“At Digital Garage, payments can be made in a number of ways. As we see the platform mature, we may consider distributing the official Volkswagen page associated with Digital Garage among other available channels,” Rabelo said.

In the one hour online platform, the company sold 130 packs of stickers.

What can customers expect?

Except for the package Card Already available, the next step is to promote the auction of unique items in NFT format – still in the first half of this year, a marketplace should be launched where users will be able to buy and sell Card Visit each other’s garages of other collectors.

people will be able to exchange Card Repeat in the context of this market.

“Another difference is the interaction between the physical and virtual worlds. For example, consumers will be able to buy NFTs and win tickets to shows that we will sponsor. We are looking at some benefits,” Rabelo explained.

Globally available

Rabelo stressed that the project was created to serve Latin America and its version is Card Specials developed for the local public.

But the platform is global and can be traded for between $10 and $15. Volkswagen did not disclose its investment in the new business.

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