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Singapore, June 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In the winter of 2020, as the first snowflake fell on the streets of Washington, BTC led the entire Crypto to carry out a bull market that lasted for nearly a year and a half the whole market only show people green vision, People are immersed in strong Fomo emotion. Then, the concept of Web3, which was proposed in 2014, attracted people’s attention.

Osman, the founder of Sealem Finance. Unlike others, he is more concerned about the market sentiment and the entire financial environment, rather than the crazy appreciation of various tokens.

In short, when financial institutions in the market do not have enough capacity to carry all the individual funds, there will be serious financial security risks. If there are too many hidden dangers, it will easily affect the entire Crypto market and the traditional financial market , then cause a huge financial tsunami. From now on, Sealem Finance, a stable, safe, and innovative decentralized financial platform was born.

Safety & Stabilization
That’s what users care about most in the current market. We all know that risks are proportional to benefits, but risks far outweigh benefits under the current market conditions, especially the Internet is changing from Web2 to Web3 now, and Web3 still exists huge bugs. Even in a decentralized environment, the project party can own a large amount of tokens which will increase the risk of all individual funds greatly. But bond in Sealem Finance solves this problem in an ingenious way.

The total number of governance tokens of Sealem Finance is 100,000,000 , and the initial market is 6,500,000$ST , including 500,000$ST owned by the team and 1,000,000 $ST owned by early investors. The other 5,000,000 $ST are sold fairly and publicly by the Launchpads. The minting rights of $ST are no longer controlled by the project party, but by the market in the form of Bonds.

When users mint $ST tokens, they are actually selling specific assets (like BNB, BUSD) to buy ST bonds from the protocol. The protocol references the minter’s transaction terms at a future date. These terms include time and the amount of ST tokens that the minter will receive when the time is reached. Bonds become callable upon vesting.

After the vesting period, the user will receive the amount of $ST in gold standard. In short, when you buy 1,000 BUSD worth of ST bonds, the 1,000 BUSD will be automatically converted into ST and BUSD, then build ST liquidity pool, and the generated LP Token will be automatically destroyed. So Sealem Finance cannot withdraw this part of funds, which provides security for users’ funds to a large extent. In addition, the vesting period of each bond is 14 days, which is not a long time for common projects in the market. 14 days can ensure that users can obtain their own funds in a short time and have control of funds. After the vesting period, if the current interest rate is 10%, the user can get $ST worth 1100 BUSD and can sell it at any time.

The process and result are stable because Sealem Finance doesn’t want to create too many financial bubbles because everyone knows that when a financial bubble bursts, there will be unpredictable losses. On the other hand, it is safe, and users do not have to worry about the sharp fluctuations in the price of ST during the vesting period, because the final calculation is based on the funds the user spends when buying bonds. The interest rate will change according to ST’s total liquidity pool and individual user invitations, but the 14 -day base interest rate will not be lower than 3%.

If Bond is the soul of Sealem Finance, then GameFi will enrich the entire Sealem ecosystem greatly. Sealem Lab defines the next generation of DeFi and GameFi protocols. As a game incubation platform, Sealem Lab mainly develops high-quality Web3 games and issues NFTs. These NFTs can participate in Web3 games. The game is not only open to Crypto users, but also to traditional game players because Web3 belongs to everyone over the world. While the game issued by Sealem lab has high quality, it increases the game ability between players, allowing its game token SR to enter an upward spiral deflation model. It will largely distinguish the Sealem’s game from the existing ‘metaverse games’ on the market. Web3 is real, not a virtual concept like the metaverse which simply makes users have Fomo emotion and then grabs users’ funds.

At the same time, in order to ensure the healthy development of the entire Sealem ecosystem, all funds obtained from NFT sales will be used to maintain the token value. The main income of the Sealem team comes from the transaction fees of NFTs between users and the taxes and fees that users withdraw from the P2E.

Final Thoughts
We hope to provide a stable, secure, and innovative decentralized financial platform to help users in the financial market can safely distribute assets here. At the same time as the leap from Web2 to Web3, the Sealem team hopes to build the largest and strongest financial platform and game incubation platform in the Web3 field. we want to become the leader of Web3 Era.

Website: sealemlab.com



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