What are the risks of monkey pox in Brazil? “We know very little,” says the infection specialist

After one outbreak in Europe and more cases scattered across the planet, which is worrying World Health Organization (WHO), it is suspected that abekopper has arrived at Brazil. caused by the virus abekopperthe disease originates from the Midwest Africa.

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specialist in infectious diseases Campinas State University (Unicamp) and consultant for Brazilian Society of Infectious Diseases (SBI), Rachel Stucchi aimed at possible risks of the disease to Brazil, in an exclusive interview with TV Cultura website.

Monkey cups risk for Brazil

Raquel thinks so, even though scientists still are know very little as for the disease, its final arrival in the country would be another reason for us here in Brazil, we strengthen the use of masks.

Despite acknowledging the risk, the doctor also emphasizes that there is no potential for a new pandemic. “Maybe all that will change next week., but not today, ”he points out. One of the main factors that does not increase the risk of monkey pox to the same level as Covid-19 is the fact that it transmission capacity it is much less.

“The impact on public health is expected to be infinitely less”, Emphasizes the infection specialist. “Probably not (there is potential for monkey cups to become one pandemic). Unless there is at present a large mutation of the virus, which is not expected, due to the property of being a virus of DNA. They are usually much more stable”, Rachel concludes.

This is not the time for big fanfare. I think it’s time for people know that this disease exists, know that if you have a skin injury, if a blister starts to appear, seek medical attention personally. Sometimes, it could be monkey cups. And then he isolates himself, he will try to make the diagnosis, but without the big fanfare “, he emphasizes.

THAT infection doctor still criticizes the disregard with which the West views the African continent. For her, “we Do not pay attention to what is happening in Africa. This is a critique we do not see in Africa, only when a variant or some disease comes here. “

Differences between smallpox in humans and monkey smallpox

THAT SBI consultant said that “the biggest difference is gravity of the disease itself. in cups human, were two forms of presentation. A lighter presentation form, but another very effervescent form where you had quite a few injuries that made you did not even have healthy skin. The person who had the lesions stayed until deformed”.

“You can have these injuries yourself inside internal organs, like lung. You could have encephalitis”, Raquel emphasizes when she talks about the already eradicated disease.

“Monkey cups usually have a very large number of lesions, however much less, even in the most severe form. It is much smaller than what we see in cups. Usually, for a period of five days, seven days there, the lesions already dried out and intricate. You can even leave no scar”, The doctor concludes.

virus mutations

According to the infectious disease specialist, the increase in the number of cases across the planet is causing “people to wonder if there are a certain mutation in the virus of monkey cups that made him more transmitting”.

She still puts it there two “big types” of the disease and the cases outside the African continent mostly correspond to “less serious“.

Raquel also explains what mutations and variants of an original virus mean in practice. “Sometimes some changes can encourage him to have one different ways of causing the disease and transmitting it“, he says.

The doctor also claims that when the virus multiplies, the new individual should be same as its predecessor. But in some cases, new viruses are generated small differences compared to the original virus, which does not necessarily imply new features or additional risks.

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