What are Web1, Web2, Web3?

Web technology step by step evolved like web1, web2, and web3. here we have explained everything.

Web1 Web2 Web3

The Internet is the cornerstone of the digital world. Ever since the internet was created, everything changed. It created a new pathway that was never experienced before by all. It provided everyone with the opportunity to experience the novelty of how everything works from top to bottom. Like every other, digital technology in the world, the internet space kept on evolving, from web1 to web3, the evolution is very canny and it unlocked the pathway for great inventions like crypto exchange development on web3, NFT marketplace development on web3, IDO launchpad development on web3, defi development on web3 and much more to the list.

Web1 internet iteration is the firstmost network that was created in the digital world. This was a very basic level internet iteration. This is a one-way system where the data and information can only be added to the page and not the other way around. There is no interaction, whatsoever, to be precise, it is the content delivery network (CDN); the data is already the web structure is already built and cannot be modified or added. In the web1 network, the development of the pages is done with the help of the HTML programming language.

Web2 network is the updated version of the web1 network. This is the type of internet iteration that we are currently using. This is a two-way system where people can interact with the web. This internet iteration paved the way for the development of numerous social media platforms. These platforms are playing a pivotal role in making everyone interact with the internet and it has become a sector that is not used for only seeing the page but also for initiating interaction and connecting with a wide range of people and networks in one single place.

Web3 network is the newest type of internet iteration. This is a decentralized network that eliminates the involvement of middlemen. Hence, the complete operation of this network is done between the involved users. Therefore, the networking line is fully secured and privacy protected. The most excellent factor about web3.0 is paving the way for the creation of impressive inventions like the crypto exchange, blockchain networks, and NFTs. The web3.0 internet iteration is the best compliment for these inventions. Developing a door for seamless decentralized transactions between the buyers and sellers. Therefore, giving access to a wide range of applications in the digital space for everyone is extremely beneficial for the digital business platform to open the door for various potential benefits in the future.

What is web3
Why is web3 better

The web3.0 network has surpassed its predecessors by a wider margin. This is all because of one simple alteration in the network architecture. This internet iteration does not follow the protocols of regulation of the third parties. The major issues with the previous networks are the issue regarding the collection of data. The previous generation of the web, web2 was controlled by tech firms like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, and many more. Moreover, Google is regarded as the leader of the web2 internet iteration. Each and every function of this internet is based on the prowess of Google. This primarily involves the collection of data and information of the users. Therefore, invading their privacy and leading to a breakout in the minds of the digital users. Then came along the web3. 0 network. This internet iteration is not only advantageous to the users in terms of browsing but also a perfect network for unlocking a wide range of technological marvels in the digital space.

The rise of a cryptocurrency exchange to great heights was possible thanks to the web3.0 network. This network is decentralized. Hence, making it easier for the cryptocurrencies to be traded on a decentralized medium by removing the third parties. The crypto exchange development on web3.0 is providing immense business opportunities for everyone to start their own and enter the digital world with great style.

NFT marketplace development on web3.0 is the stepping stone for the concept of NFTs to be in existence. The exceptional use of the blockchain network and smart contract is the backbone of the NFT platform. Therefore, with web3.0, anything related to NFTs is possible and it is expected to be a great business niche as well. Hence, paving the way for an immense level of business development ideas in the digital space.

  • IDO Launchpad Development On Web3.0

IDO launchpad development on web3.0 is also a perfect opportunity for business platforms. IDO launchpads are the platforms that are used for launching new crypto projects in the digital space. With the help of the web3.0 network, every activity is done at its possible best.

  • DeFi Development on Web3.0

Defi space is the newest technological marvel in the digital space. The introduction of the web3.0 network has opened the door for businesses to adopt the Defi development on the web3.0 network.

Final Thoughts,

Web3.0 is the best network right now and it is coined to be the future of digital networking. The business platforms that are focused on entering the crypto space, have to come into contact with the web3.0 internet iteration. This network will open the gates for a wide range of benefits and business opportunities on a global scale. Therefore, it is the best way to start a decentralized business in no time!

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