What is augmented reality and why it matters to the metaverse

Every small step we take brings us a little closer to the world of our dreams, where everything seems to be new and better than our predecessors. Technological innovations have revolutionized the entire scene we are used to. The rapid expansion of the ecosystem of digital resources, decentralized tools and virtual worlds shows that we are eager to take the next big step in the blockchain space. extended reality —or rather, Extended Reality, English translation.

Augmented reality is a futuristic technology, part of extended reality, and its roots are getting deeper and deeper every decade.Since 1990, we have witnessed the basic form of technology through displays Be carefulused in military aircraft to provide information about the aircraft’s direction, speed, and altitude.

Technology is constantly evolving

A major innovation came in 2009, when the MIT Media Lab group introduced the first Wearable Gestures — A smart wearable device — from a world called SixthSense. The engine combines the real world around us with digital elements. Also, in 2013, tech giant Google created the world’s first smart glasses under the Google Glass brand.Although there are many hype, the product failed to reach its full potential in the market. The company didn’t have the expected success.

In 2016, the technology became even more popular with people around the world thanks to the Pokémon Go game. ○ game Introduces users to a new form of gaming and enables fans to interact with their favorite characters superimposed on the real world from their smartphones.

Color photos.virtual reality glasses
smart glasses

AR is a technology designed to augment reality. It also allows users to experience the real world in enhanced versions where interactive digital elements can be found. The most commonly used AR apps and software work flawlessly on smartphones. Devices help users access an enhanced digital world through a few simple functions.

All you have to do is turn on your smartphone’s camera, see the world around you on your phone’s screen, and trigger augmented reality (AR) applications to enhance your viewing experience in the real world.

Color photos.Pokemon GO game interface
Pokemon GO game interface

Currently, there are tons of devices that support AR, and the list keeps growing. Unlike virtual reality, where we explore virtual spaces, AR shows us an ecosystem that integrates digital components into existing environments. For example, it assists surgeons in medical procedures and guides engineers to make the most of advanced technology.


AR also plays an important role in the field of virtual world technology.

Experts suggest that by 2024, the world could see the first fully operational AR glasses developed by a top manufacturing company.

It is AR that helps bring the virtual world closer to the real world. The use of augmented reality improves the user’s overall digital experience as it provides a perfect mix of physical and virtual components. Technology provides the necessary connection by creating a balance between the two worlds. With AR, the Metaverse opens up new opportunities for free interaction, immersive connectivity, and secure collaborative work.

Color photos.metaverse
Metaverse combines virtual reality, augmented reality and the internet

Soon, Augmented Metaverse will solidify its position in the market, completely replacing traditional infrastructure, tools and services. Whatever happens next in space – AR and the metaverse – we can be sure that we will witness some development and innovation in the global population.

For business readers, I recommend keeping an eye out for this new wave of good opportunities spreading around the world.

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