what they are and how they work

We have explained that NFTs are unique digital collectibles on the blockchain. This makes them suitable for use in games as well, as they can represent characters, consumables, and other tradable items.

NFT gaming has become very popular on Game-Fi as a way to make money: players can sell their in-game NFTs to other collectors and players – even earn tokens in structured games game to make money (fight for victory).

NFT games mainly appear on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC).Some games offer combat experiences with collectible characters, such as encryption blade This is axis infinite. Others use collectible trading cards such as Sorare.

Binance also offers NFT Mystery Boxes, which allow holders to own NFTs of various rarities. These “boxes” are included in collections released in partnership with several NFT games.


Since the pioneers of CryptoKitties, NFT games have been developed and started offering so-called mockups. game to make money; that is, the more we play, the more we win. For example, Game-Fi merges the financial and gaming worlds, offering players the opportunity to earn money while playing. In order to make a profit, we don’t necessarily need to win or find/create rare collectibles worth thousands of dollars – players can try various game models in various themes in addition to the traditional collectible animal themes.

How do NFT games work?

The idea of ​​NFT games is different from simply storing crypto collectibles in our wallets. NFT games will use NFT technology in their rules, mechanics and player interactions. For example, a game might represent our character or avatar as a single NFT; digital items we find in-game could also be NFTs. The idea is that players can exchange (exchange) or transaction (trading) your NFTs with other players for profit.the model game to make money It also allows you to generate profits through NFT games, as we will see later.

So how do we technically implement NFTs in a gaming environment? In order to exchange (exchange), create and implement NFTs in the game, programmers create smart contracts that constitute the rules related to the use of NFTs.

For example, CryptoKitties has a small number of core contracts that serve as the framework for the game. The most famous is the GeneScience contract, which is responsible for the random mechanism for generating new cats. Initially, the game’s programmers kept their code secret, and players even created tools to analyze each cat’s chances of developing specific traits. Armed with this information, players can optimize their chances of producing more valuable rare breeds.

What is an NFT game game to make money?

Model-Following NFT Games game to make money (play to win), giving users the opportunity to generate a revenue stream by simply playing. Typically, players are rewarded with tokens and occasionally NFTs. The more they play, the more they earn. Often, the earned tokens are part of the crafting process or specific game mechanics.

The token approach is usually the more stable of the two, as tokens can be continuously earned throughout the game. On the other hand, the final distribution of NFTs as rewards is much rarer.the model game to make money Especially popular with users in low-income countries per capita As an alternative or improvement to regular income or social support.

axis infinite be one of the games game to make money more popular. The game requires an initial investment to purchase three “Axies”, or players can receive a free “scholarship” from another player.After forming a starting team and completing missions and challenges, players receive Silky Love Potion (SLP), a tradable ERC-20 token comminicate (trading platform).

So-called “breeders” use the SLP to create new Axies, thereby generating economics for the project. Axie Infinity has become especially popular in the Philippines, and many users are starting to make a living off the revenue generated by this model. game to make money. Many players earn between $200 and $1,000 (USD) per month. Some people earn more, depending on the market price and the time invested.

what is in the game NFTs?

So-called In-game NFTs Provides another way to earn income from NFT games. Instead of getting fungible ERC-20 tokens like SLP Axie Infinity or the skills of CryptoBlades, we receive NFTs that represent unique, collectible items. This game engine is the traditional way to generate revenue through NFT games. The value of items depends on their rarity, appearance, or utility in the game.

CryptoKitties is an example of a game that only relies on a collection of in-game NFTs (hence the name “in-game”). In this case, it is impossible to continue playing the game and earn a steady income without the element of luck.Most newer NFT games offer multiple models game to make money and In-game NFTs.

How do we make money in NFT games?

How much money we can earn by playing NFT games depends on the specific game mechanics and market demand. The money we make comes from other users who value the NFTs or cryptocurrencies earned in the game. To “withdraw” this money, you need to sell our product on a marketplace, broker or auction platform. In NFT games, value is derived from the collectible nature of the NFT/token or its in-game utility. Therefore, these two factors also create room for speculation.

Can I lose money on NFT games? Will I lose my NFTs?

Yes. You can lose money playing NFT games. The exact amount of loss depends on the game type, game mechanics and the value of the associated NFT.Losing money doesn’t necessarily mean we were cheated or the game is scam. Since NFTs are speculative and their value depends on what people think about them, losses also depend on market forces. As with any type of crypto investment, the advice is to “only spend what you can lose”!

Given the value of some NFTs, it is normal for users to be afraid of losing them in-game or when interacting with the blockchain. Whether you buy NFTs or receive them in-game, you need to keep them safe. In short, if you are not careful, you can lose your NFTs! (Learn more in the full article on this topic you can find here).

Popular NFT Games

There are various NFT games available, mainly on the BSC and Ethereum blockchains. Some offer a more traditional gaming experience. Others mainly rely on collecting NFTs. Here are some of them:

The axis is infinite. As mentioned above, Axie Infinity follows a similar pattern to Pokémon, with collectible creatures and battles. Axie Infinity runs on the Ethereum blockchain, providing users with trading Smooth Love Potion (SLP), Axies and Axie Infinite Shards (AXS). Both SLP and AXS tokens are tradable on Binance.

axis infinite

Surare. Sorare is a virtual soccer game featuring collectible and tradable NFTs for real-world soccer players.We can create a football team of five players with free stickers for beginners or buy stickers tokenization. We level up by earning points for every victory, goal or other in-game activity.

Sorare is a virtual football game with NFTs

The gods are unlocked. Gods Unchained is an Ethereum based NFT collectible card game similar to Magic The Gathering or Hearthstone. Players build decks with different levels of power and intensity to fight other players. When we win games, we receive in-game items that we can use or sell.by winning the game ranking We can get Flux, a resource for creating powerful NFT cards. We can consolidate profits by selling them or reinvesting in new cards to continue the process.

ained is an NFT trading card game on Ethereum
gods liberation

NFT Binance Collection. Binance’s NFT marketplace provides an NFT gaming experience through various NFT collectibles and “mystery box” partnerships. There are several partners, from digital artists to NFT games. Each mystery box available for purchase contains a random NFT from the collection, and the NFT has different levels of rarity. We can “open” the box to show the NFT or sell it unopened.

NFT Mystery Box

Final Considerations

NFT games use digital collectibles and create rules so players can interact with each other’s NFTs. While some value the collectible nature of NFTs, others value the utility factor.

Many NFT games function as collectible card games, but not everyone who collects cards intends to play. Game-Fi now creates a new NFT gaming economy, changing the way NFTs are used to make money.

Making money from NFTs is no longer just about luck and collection; now users make money by playing.

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