Will Apple launch a search engine?The rumors are back

The internet is no longer betting that Apple will one day launch its own search engine. In fact, it’s even been mentioned that Google pays Cupertino companies millions of dollars a year to stop them from continuing to use this type of software. Still, Apple has never shown interest in taking on giant Google in this area. But now the rumors are back.

Communications expert Robert Scoble returned to the venue to reveal the alleged information. The American blogger revealed the launch date of Apple’s search engine.

Can Apple build a search engine to face Google?

When Apple changed the way it searches on iOS and iPadOS in 2020, it shifted the online marketplace with the intent of making its own search engine work. However, the company said nothing about the matter, which is another rumor.

Now, Robert Scoble believes Apple will launch a new user-centric web search engine similar to Google, but is waiting for January 2023 to do so.

According to Scoble, the news may have been announced by Apple at its WWDC 2022 event, which kicks off next week, on June 6.

Scoble did not elaborate on his Twitter post, but told TechRadar Pro that some of the information came from conversations with sources close to him. The other part comes from your deduction.

But how reliable is this preacher's message?

Well, not sure you always have a safe source. In fact, Scoble has previously said that Apple will unveil its "Apple Glass" VR rig at WWDC 2022 -- and it will feature a "new iPod." The statement also originated on Twitter, but it wasn't long before Scoble tweeted another attempt to backtrack with all of his statements about Apple's strategy.

Now, that's not a strategy we've never seen on Apple's path. In the past, the Cupertino giant has done this by replacing Google's Maps service. With the arrival of iOS 6, native maps became Apple and Google Maps.

While the change didn't go well at first, Apple's maps today are very good quality, and in many ways even better than Google's.

In addition, Apple already has a search engine that supports Siri and Spotlight. So expanding it into a full-featured Google-style general search service doesn't seem like a huge amount of effort.

If Apple rolls out this universal search engine for users, it will likely lose a lot of money. As previously reported, Google will pay Apple $15 billion during 2021 to keep the native search engine on iOS.

If the information is correct, the deal is equivalent to 15% to 20% of Apple's annual profit in 2020. Of course, if Google didn't pay, as was said at the time, Microsoft could keep using Bing.

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